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Poco E Zu Interview


Sylvia Yim speaks with Zuwon Sim the designer of children’s label Poco E Zu  from South Korea in the fourth interview in our Korean interview series.

Poco E Zu is a new Korean brand in the kids fashion scene but designer Zuwon Sim is blowing up with her funky designs and unique collaborations in South Korea.


Korean Interview Series Poco E Zu


JS:  What is Poco E Zu? What does it mean?

ZS:  Poco E Zu is a “couples” nickname for my husband and I.  My husband’s nickname in Italy was “Poco A Poco (little by little)” and my nickname was “ZUI”.  The “E” means ‘and’ in Italian and English so from there budded our brand name Poco E Zu.

JS: You’ve recently collaborated with ART SALON and REMICONE.  Could you tell us a bit about them?

ZS:  I’ve always been someone who looked for things that were fun or made me happy but after getting married and having a baby, all of my focus went to raising my child.  I felt like I was losing my sense of being and identity so I wanted to start doing something that would make me happy but also include my child as well which is why I chose to start designing kids wear.  It’s always been a dream of mine to work together with such amazing, positive people and luckily I was able to accomplish that with ART SALON and REMICONE. Just to quickly brief you on those two: ART SALON is an eclectic, trendy spot serving as a cultural centre, showroom, gallery, and café.  REMICONE is a popular ice cream shop known for their quality ingredients and super fun, quirky ice creams. We are currently designing and manufacturing in collaboration with REMICONE and displaying our brand in ART SALON’s showroom.  We also held an event at ART SALON in collaboration with REMICONE in which we hosted a Kids Art & Cooking Class and also worked together in creating a menu for ART SALON.Korean Interview Series Poco E ZuJS: Are we able to find stockists of your brand internationally?

ZS:  Currently, we are only available in South Korea.

JS: Who or what is your fashion inspiration?

ZS:  Our fashion inspiration and muse is our child.  All of our designs are created with him and his friends in mind.

JS: When you are able to find some downtime, how are you most likely spending your time?

ZS:  I try to just spend more time with my kid and we usually have fun by going to exhibitions or shows.

JS: Before Poco E Zu, what kind of work were you doing?  How is life different after Poco E Zu?

ZS:  I was working as a fashion designer until I got married and had a baby.  I was a stay at home mom for a while until we started working on the brand.

JS:  What are your main concerns or considerations when designing for children?

ZS:  I’m always trying to make designs that are fun and comfortable.  When I’m designing, I always spend the most time thinking about the child wearing it.  Would he/she be happy?  I also spend a lot of time choosing materials.  It’s really easy for a child to get clothes dirty and because they need to be laundered so often, I try to make clothes that can withstand all this and meet the satisfactions of not only the child but the moms!

JS:  Out of your designs, is there one in particular that is most meaningful to you?

ZS:  The Ice Cream Hood T-shirt! It was a great time and many laughs were had designing this piece, imagining it on the kids, and picturing their reactions!  Aside from it being a silly piece, it was probably the most difficult to make. It was a challenge to create the perfect fit!Korean Interview Series Poco E ZuJS: What kind of children and styles do you feel your brand speaks out to?

ZS:  My goal is to create clothes that look great on all children all with different fashion tastes.  Nothing makes me happier than when a child says with his/her own mouth “I want to wear this!”.  Sometimes, I put clothes on my son that I didn’t think really suited him well but we hear compliments all the time.  So my goal with this brand is to be wearable and suitable for everyone and I’ll continue to put forth my best efforts to do so!

Korean Interview Series Poco E Zu


Korean Interview Series Poco E Zu


Korean Interview Series Poco E Zu


Korean Interview Series Poco E Zu


Do you have a favourite Korean Kids clothing brand?

Currently Poco E Zu is only available in South Korea or online. Shop the AW16 Poco E Zu collection here.

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