Guest Post Featuring Mini Influencer Lilly

Guest Post Featuring Lilly Curls

Five-year-old mini model and mini influencer, Lilly aka as @lillycurls from Tampa Fl, whose biggest dream is to be an astronaut, has featured in AD campaigns and kids fashion editorials.  The mini influencer has been featured on the Instagram accounts of Moschino, People Chica, Coccolebimbi, Babiekins and more recently Lilly has been approached by kids fashion brands to work on collaborations and create content for them. The five-year-old has just landed herself an agent and signed up with Sprout Kids Modelling Agency.

Lilly’s content director Vianey comments, ‘Lilly was born with such a grace for modelling, her determination to thrive in this industry grew on its own as she has continued to learn from her biggest inspiration, Tyra Banks in ANTM’.

Scroll down to view a mini Q & A with Lilly.

Guest Post Featuring Lilly Curls

Guest Post Featuring Lilly Curls

Clothing Credits:  Lilly wears Faux Fur Jacket, Pink top & Jumpsuits from Imoimo Kids.

The SECOND DROP of Imoimo Kids is here, the jumpsuit Lilly is wearing now has an EARLY BIRD discount of 20% off  – no code needed.

Delivery of orders will start on 25th of September 2019. Applicable only for 2nd drop styles, not the whole collection or sale items. 


Q & A With Mini Model & Mini Influencer Lilly:

Why did you decide to start modelling? I became fascinated with fashion models after watching a marathon of ANTM.

What is the best part about being a model? I get to be me and have fun.

Which is your top fashion magazine/blog? ‘We enjoy browsing through Bazaar Kids online and Vogue Bambini’ – Vainey

What are your hobbies?  I have a lot of hobbies I love to fish, camp, and play outdoors but my favourite is to spend the day at the beach.

Which languages do you speak?  English and Spanish.

Three wishes – My first has to be I’d definitely like to be a mermaid. My second to fly and my third is to always be on an adventure!

My favourite outfit from Imoimo Kids has to be the pink feather jumpsuit, as it totally represents me and my personality, pretty, pink and fun!

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