Queen of the Rock: Adventuring with Hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson of the beautiful children’s lifestyle blog Blake Acres shares her love of classic children’s wear labels and features French brand, hello Simone on the Junior Style blog. Jessica and her Boston-based family share their adventures both near and far. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @blakeacres

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

The girls and I hike up the mountain pass and quickly find ourselves at the foot of monstrous boulders, popular with the local climbing crowd. While we aren’t here to test such a feat, the girls take part in their own expression of victory, chanting “Queen of the Rock.” Our behemoth friends answer back in echo, reminding us of our diminutive stature within their shadows.

Dressing for an easy summer day, we reach for the French brand, hello Simone to keep us cool and comfortable in playful Hawaiian-inspired prints. An oversized layering sweatshirt and drawstring terry shorts create a nonchalant look that is both modern and practical. A cherry red top is a favourite from the collection and brightens our day with a bit of spunk.

There is an adventure to be had among these rocks. We dance under their protective cover today, tomorrow may find us learning our way up their ledges. Either scenario would surely grant these girls the self-proclaimed title, “Queen of the Rock.”

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

Jessica Dickinson Hello Simone

Queen of the Rock Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s clothing by hello Simone.  Shop the current collection HERE.

Elise and Mila’s shoes by Victoria




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