Rock and Roll with the Gardner and the Gang SS15 collection!

blog gg introimageJust as you think Gardner and the Gang can not get any better, Kristin the designer brings to us another great collection full of striking characters.

As you know I am a great fan of Gardner and the Gang.  I simply love the amazing unique characters that have sprung from the designer, Kristin’s mind.

Each collection has a fun and playful vibe to it. The characters designed have a story behind them, which Kristin has been able to bring to life in the most colourful and playful way, using bright and bold colours.

The SS15 collection does not disappoint.  The collection combines an element of magic and Rock and Roll in the designs and explores Rock Icons like Kiss and at the same time, caputures the whimsical magical creatures in our imagination.  ‘An unrestrited mind meets urban life!’

For SS15 we have new characters – the Magician Zebra called Patsy and Geene the Dachshund.

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blog gg image tophat

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These prints will never go our of fashion – the Gardner and the Gang Skull Rain boots from the first collection are still going strong.

How can you not possibly fall in love with the characters Gardner and the Gang un veil in the SS15 collection?

Gardner and the Gang have a SALE starting Wednesday 7th January.  Visit the Gardner and the Gang SALE HERE.

Missed my last post on Gardner and the Gang?  Fear not, you can catch up HERE.

Check out the Sidneyboo online store, who stock the Gardner and the Gang collection here in the UK.

Junior Style were very priveledged to have Kristin on Chit Chat Tuesday last year and you can read Kristin’s interview with Kate Hill from Circus London Pr HERE

You can connect with Gardner and the Gang HERE..

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All images are courtesy of Gardner and the Gang.

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