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blog rockabye introRockabye-Baby is a unique baby clothing label designed for your little budding rock stars.

Bored of cute mainstream labels? Then this brand is definitely for you and your little ones.

Rockabye-Baby is fun, rebellious and full of attitude.

Take a look at the Rockabye Baby collection here…….

Rockabye-Baby was born in 2006 in Amsterdam and raised in the UK by founder Emma Parkes-McQueen.

After several years working as an Art Director, Emma gave birth to her own little rocker, quit advertising and went about setting up her own fun label to make sure her daughter was a cool cat.

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The first collection was a range of edgy T-shirts and rompers for 0-2 year olds. The company has now grown into a range of designs including dresses, hoodies and dungarees and now caters for rockers up to 10 years old.  As the collections continued to grow so did Emma’s family and awareness of the brand became more widespread.

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Rockabye-Baby believes all kids were born to rock, with the right to dress with rockin’ quality and original style. Out with the pastel shades, its all about bright and beautiful colours that reflect the energy and creativity within every child.

From day one the designs were inspired by the punk music and pop culture with a hint of rock and roll but with a big helping of motherhood to calm it all down into a controllable force.
……..And to keep your little Elvis happy all the products are made from 100% luxury cotton for newborns up to ten years old, each packaged in their very own record sleeve which includes a little poem a rocky rewrite of the Rockabye-Baby lullaby.


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The only thing your little ones need to be taking to the likes of Glastonbury and rock ’n’ roll picnics will be the new 2015 Summer season collection pictured below.

Lemon Yellow and Cool Grey epitomise this collection paired with contrasting diagonal stripes to keep the designs fresh and edgy.

The collection includes dungarees, rara skirts, puffball dresses and fully reversible denim hoodies. To complete the look there are also a section of bandanna bibs to truly look like your inner rock star.

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We love these puff ball dresses in yellow and grey, what’s your favourite piece from the new Spring/Summer collection?

To find out more about Rockabye-Baby or to view the new collectin visit

Please note all images belong to Rockabye-Baby.

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