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SaarManche Milk and Biscuits replace

Guest contributed by Saar Manche @saarmanche

Milk and Biscuits approached me a few months ago as they wanted to do something out of the box for the new summer collection. I really love what they’re doing—their clothes are very creative and sparkling and I appreciate the way they work with illustrators, graphic designers and photographers. So I was very honoured she wanted to cooperate with me.

Saarmanche for Milk and Biscuits final replaceWe made a selection of clothes and I made her four illustrations as a translation of their collection. Playful, colourful, summer, sparkling. As their use of colour is different than mine, it was very refreshing for me to work with the bright colours rather than my own more “umbered” colours. Their graphical patterns I translated into scenes of our daily life— the triangle mountains, the round oranges, the square window, etc. I love to play with perspective and I think they do too.

Saarmanchefor MilkandBiscuits 3 copy

There are 20 of each print available so there’s a possibility of getting one of the four when you order directly from Milk and Biscuits web shop.

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