Sister, A Best Friend For Life

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

Denise lives with her partner and four children, Seren, Holly, Izzy and Ezra in the beautiful North Coast of Ireland. Most of their free time together as a family is spent outdoors so when documenting their memories, nature and their creative style is inevitably woven through. Follow their adventures on Instagram @copperandeucalyptus

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Sisterhood is love, it’s powerful, it’s vulnerable, it’s a mass of contradictions. It can wrap you up in compassion and understanding yet it can also reveal itself as the harshest critic and greatest competition.

However, a sister will always be your closest friend and having a sister means your childhood memories will always remain alive. Memories of the horse-riding lessons at dusk. The nerves and the exhilaration, the proud smiles as they circled around the arena. The excited chitter chatter on the way home in the back seat of the car; stories of what their horse was called and gentle rivalry over who rode the biggest and most beautiful one.

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

I feel this majestic creature perfectly encapsulates each of their individual traits. The wisdom and hard work ethic of my oldest, the wild, free-spirited ways of my middle girl and for my youngest, her exuberance, playfulness and curiosity!

Therefore, it was inevitable that we were drawn and inspired by the horse print pieces from Chloé via Melijoe. The horse representing the girls and their natural femininity and, in this family, full of sisters and one little brother, femininity means strength and nurturing, gentleness, grace and joy and most importantly freedom, freedom to be themselves.

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life

Sisters, A Best Friend For Life


Sister, A Best Friend For Life Credits:

Photography: Denise Pemrick

Seren wears Chloé T-shirt

Holly wears Chloé scarf

Izzy wears Tiny Cottons striped dress and Molo sunglasses


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