Skipping Stones: Paying Homage to Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson of the beautiful children’s lifestyle blog Blake Acres shares her love of classic children’s wear labels and pays homage to vintage apparel on the Junior Style blog.  Jessica and her Boston-based family share their adventures both near and far.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @blakeacres

Everything old is new again.  For us, this often rings true upon discovering a vintage gem that finds new life in our wardrobes.  Handcrafted garments from decades past satisfy cravings for one-of-a-kind pieces with timeless appeal.  There is a world of vintage and antique childrenswear that awaits discovery and repurpose but knowing where to look is often key.  Elise’s Depression-era netting dress is one of many treasures you’ll find in Mary Beth Hale’s scrupulous collection of vintage apparel.  ‘In with the old’ I say!

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

These vintage treasures find us immersed in nostalgia.  We’re transported to simpler times, wading barefoot along the banks of Lake Champlain.  A hunt to find perfectly shaped shale ensues and we try our hand (rather unsuccessfully) at skipping stones along the water’s edge.  I’m left to wonder if these garments could talk, might they tell a similar story?  One thing I’m certain, Mila’s dress may actually hold such memories from my own childhood. My Mother diligently cared for and saved a wonderful collection of clothing, now sprinkled throughout the girls’ wardrobes.

Thankfully we don’t need to scour store racks or attics to find pieces like these.  Mary Beth Hale has done the work for us with a stunning collection of unique and pristine childrenswear from the past century and beyond.  From hand embroidered baby bonnets to velvet rompers and fur slippers, I can assure you, it won’t be easy to browse without temptation.

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage

Jessica Dickinson Vintage



Skipping Stones Clothing Credits:

Elise’s dress: Vintage from Mary Beth Hale

Elise’s shoes: Pom d’Api

Mila’s dress: Vintage

Mila’s shoes: Salt-Water Sandal

Hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.



Join Jessica Dickinson and her Girls Elise and Mila in Picnic by the Sea.



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