Slowing down with Mabli Knits on Arran

Natasha Bridges blogs about life and adventures with her son Oak at Growing Oak. Natasha has a passion for photography and loves to capture and document magical moments of Oak growing up in the stunning Shropshire countryside which is just near the English-Welsh border in the UK.  You can follow Natasha and Oak on Instagram @growing.oak

With Autumn gently calling in the near distance, we wanted to embrace the last few days of being carefree in the summer on the Isle of Arran ‘Scotland in miniature’ since we had a deep wilderness yearn for Scotland. With it’s rich natural kaleidoscopic colour palette, glistening waters and rock pools, sparkling burns, majestic mountains covered in wild mountain thyme surrounding the blooming heather, a perfect place to slow down and explore.

Our favourite contemporary pieces from slow fashion brand Mabli Knits seem to colourfully blend into the Scottish rugged landscape uniquely, not surprising since the vintage designed knits are inspired by traditional Welsh tapestry blankets. The geometric black and duck egg bold and stark coloured cross jumper, divine with matching vibrant sandstone cotton knee high socks, a classical modern walking gentleman, juxtaposition like the Hutton’s unconformity.

The jumpers soft ‘Extrafine’ Merino Wool in a compact double jacquard knit provides plenty of warmth minus the undesirable bulk or itch, a pleasure for your budding palaeontologist and explorer. A beautiful rainbow highlighting the pure magic of the jumper colours, gleaming and standing out loud and proud to match your little one’s personality.

Owner and designer, mum of 2, Lisa Roberts, originally a women’s knit designer, had always envisaged her designs in miniature. With careful planning and thought into style, softness, practically and durability, Lisa’s contemporary Mabli Knits brand was launched October 2016 in Wales.

The knitwear exclusively uses super soft merino wool being perfect for your little ones,  with it’s hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating and moisture-repellant properties. It’s also soft against precious skin, machine-washable and sustainable, appealing if you desire synthetic-free clothing in a fast-paced modern world.

Lisa’s sustainable and slow-paced fashion ideology ensures that the locally made socks and European knitwear manufacturers and suppliers comply with ethical working practices which incorporate quality materials and manufacturing processes. Perfect for our slow-paced lifestyle.

Oak could wear the simple neutral Sylfaen skinny rib top in a striking rich Sienna bright colour teamed with matching striped skinny legs with ease and comfort while busy crabbing in Lamash Bay. Our favourite part releasing the crabs back into their natural habitat and giggling at the way they walked sideways so quickly back to the sparkling waters. Making a real-life dinosaur land complete with a cave, volcano, forest and lakes from natural bounty found on the beach was breeze rolling around on the sand wearing Mabli knits. We had wonderful pleasure in portraying Albert Einstien ideal ‘Play is the highest form of research’ on the sandy rocky shores.

Oh my and the boxy fitted bara jumper, which is named after the Welsh word for bread, a two colour soft navy and peanut rib and cable stitch just breathtakingly stunning in design in every way. Perfectly matched with carthen knee high socks in a pewter grey background with navy, peanut, light chartreuse & ecru colours. A traditional Welsh tapestry pattern made in Wales by Royal Warrant grantee Corgi Hosiery exclusively for Mabli Knits. With the air having an autumnal chill in the evenings, it’s nice to take the nip away with the chunky plain knit otto bobble beanie in soft navy topped off with a big pom-pom in sienna.

Oak was totally free to roam around doing what he loves best jumping, climbing, running and playing with rocks. As the sun set down we marvelled at the natural art canvas being created before our eyes, our faces aglow with the last orange rays before twilight summoned the stars.

Talking of stars Mabli Knits has won its fair share of awards already, they recently won the Junior Magazine Platinum Junior Design Award for Best Fashion Newcomer and were then further awarded with JADA (The Junior Absolute Design Award).  

With the days getting colder, I invite you to explore and marvel at Mabli knits where you can mix and match styles for your precious one. I can guarantee you will be as smitten as we are.

You can follow Natasha and Oak @growing.oak


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Mabli Knits are offering you 10% off on all orders placed before 8th October when you use code OAK10.


Clothing credits:

Oak’s CROSS JUMPER in DUCK EGG from Mabli Knits, Oak’s checked shirt: Marie Chantal, Oak’s shorts: Marie Chantal, Oak’s COTTON KNEE HIGH SOCKS from Mabli Knits, Oak’s Compas Boots: CamperOak’s SYLFAEN SKINNY RIB in SIENNA from Mabli Knits, Oak’s SYLFAEN SKINNY LEGS in SIENNA/ECRU STRIPE from Mabli Knits, Oak’s Cord Jacket: ABC123me, Oak’s BARA JUMPER in SOFT NAVY/PEANUT from Mabli Knits, Oak’s flower shirt: Monsoon, Oak’s Navy Shorts: Gant , Oak’s CARTHEN KNEE HIGH SOCKS in PEWTER from Mabli Knits




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