The Small Gatsby Episode XV11: Halloween

The Small Gatsby Episode XV11: Halloween #thesmallgatsby #halloween #janakonig #luxury #juniorstyle #designer

Classical pianist, Jana Koenig recently took up a role as brand ambassador for Austrian statement brand The Small Gatsby.  Following in the footsteps of the child prodigy pianist Alma Deutscher who has been dressed for her performances by The Small Gatsby for over a year now, the nine-year-old classical pianist Jana made her modelling debut at the recent Milan Fashion Week for the luxury brand.

With the release of Star Wars, The Last Jedi in December, The Small Gatsby has dressed child prodigy, Jana Koenig as the noble princess, Princess Leia in ‘The Small Gatsby Episode XV11: Halloween.’

‘Aboard the Rebel blockade runner Princess Leia is in charge of protecting the secret plans to the Death Star safe.  However, when the Imperial forces take over her ship it’s up to her to make the right decision and give the plans to R2-D2 to take to Obi-Wan Kenobi.’  The noble princess is challenging the Empire, proving ‘Girls Can Do Anything’.

The Small Gatsby Episode XV11: Halloween #thesmallgatsby #halloween #janakonig #luxury #juniorstyle #designer


Shop The Leia Dress here, or shop the Youth Quake collection at The Small Gatsby online store and in fine boutiques worldwide.


View the AW17 Youth Quake Collection by The Small Gatsby.


View Jana Koenig Walks for The Small Gatsby At MFW on the Junior Style Blog.


View Jana playing Frédéric Chopin Waltz in A minor.




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