Smell, Play and Learn.

a1sx2 Original1 blog af petitpierrot introAll babies, are born with well-developed senses that help them to adjust to their new environment.  The sensorial experience is key as the child’s brain grows as he sees, feels, tastes, smells and hears, some may say these senses are neglected from western education.  That’s why the French brand, Sentosphere decided to develop specific products to awaken all five senses.

Tendre Deal has teamed up with Le Club Petit Pierrot to present you this week an amazing olfactory game : “Le loto des odeurs”/The fragrant lotto from Sentosphere.

The aim of Le Club Petit Pierrot is to enable children to enjoy learning French. French is taught to children through play, using a wide variety of stimulating language activities.
The theme of the lesson was the senses. The fragrant lotto  was the perfect tool to work on the olfactive development and learn some French vocabulary with the images at the same time.

We captured some images of the kids interacting and having fun during the class.

See it for yourself!

The mini version of “Le loto des odeurs”/ The fragrant lotto box, contains 20 diffusers of scents of fruit, flowers or domestic items and cards with the images of the scents.  The game is for 1 to 5 players.  First of all you distribute one card per child.  The children need to smell and identify on the card the product corresponding to the scent.  The winner will be the first child who will have recognized all the scents.


A great game to play with your peers.


First, they smelled one diffuser.


They focused, enjoyed, approved.


The teacher asked if you could eat it and if it was yummy.  Some children said YES, others NO!


 Some of the fragrances were not very nice to smell.


The children had to identify the right image and to say the word in French.  If the child found the image, they put the diffuser on it.


The winner was the child who completed his card first.

“Watch the little video of this session at Le Club Petit Pierrot –

Thanks to Le Club Petit Pierrot and the parents to make this fun lesson possible.

Le loto des odeurs/ The fragrance game will be available with other products from Sentosphere on Tendre Deal Boutique,
from 22nd to 28th of June.

Image credits – Tendre Deal


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