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Junior Style Blog: Interview With Infantium Victoria

Immersing us in a world of elegant fantasy and romance is high-end children’s fashion brand, Infantium Victoria. With collections truly unique to mainstream fashion, designers Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel are not afraid of “not fitting in.” We caught up with Julia Gaydina for a quick chat on it’s ethical stand.

Scroll down for a sneak peek of the Infantium Victoria SS17 collection.


Infantium Victoria Profile

J.S: Where did the name Infantium Victoria originate from?

J.G: Infantium Victoria stands for Victorian kids. What are your first images when you think of those kids? Curls, frills, ruffles, petticoats, lace, etc. Well, we had all of that but in black in our premiere collection, little unconventional. What else is remarkable about kids clothes from that era, they were quite elaborate, pretty much as adult clothing. We love this idea of approaching kids fashion just as we would do adults fashion, treating them as mini people, with garments they can play in but that also relate to our 21st-century aesthetic. Like interiors have a mini ghost chair from Vitra, we have a sustainable mini bomber and skirt for smart kids. Infantium Victoria stands for elaborate design with a twist.

J.S: Why did you choose to start designing clothing for children?

J.G: We as a global community are facing enormous environmental challenges. We need to change, and through our collections, we like to provide the next generation, the opportunity to grow up in the clothes that help secure their future.

infantium victoria

J.S: Your designs are very unique, where does the inspiration each collection come from?

J.G: With each collection, we explore new stories. We find new fascinating stories that make us dream, every season. However, most of all our inspiration is through our kids – their imagination has no boundaries. Rest assured there are more exciting stories we have to tell.

J.S: Can you talk us through the vegan aspect of your brand?

J.G: Cruelty-free fashion is a base for our brand because we wish that no animals are harmed for producing our garments. Climate change starts with every small decision you make. We are teaching our kids to live in harmony with the world, enjoy and respect all the leaving creatures. For better future.

J.S: What is your favourite item from your collection “Flowers in Concrete”, can you talk to us about some of your favourite pieces this season?

J.G: It’s very difficult to pick up favourites! Bomber is a definite must-have! And the flower embroidery, and the great pants that are baggy and cool and have instant attitude and appeal.

Infantium Victoria AW16

J.S: What’s next for Infantium Victoria? Where do you see the brand in 5 years’ time?

J.G: We hope that the world has changed for the better and more companies are producing great designs in a sustainable way. However, personally, we want Global domination!

Junior Style Blog: Infantium Victoria SS17

Junior Style Blog: Infantium Victoria SS17


Junior Style Blog: Infantium Victoria SS17

J.S: How would you describe your personal style?

J.G: We do enjoy darker tones as you can imagine. Our wardrobe is smart, sophisticated without being loud

J.S: Just for fun, what book are you currently reading and what are you listening to right now?

J.G: Why Nations Fail, Outliers and Peggy Guggenheim’s biography in our Kindles. Blackstar by David Bowie, You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen


View the Infantium Victoria Collections here.


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