StyleMeSunday: My fabulous finds

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Small Folk run £79

This owl blanket is from my favourite kids home range – Ferm living. They also do a yellow tree wallpaper the same as the background of this fantastic blanket.

Beanie Buds & Co £15.99

These super hero tights are for girls and boys. They are perfect for keeping those little toes cosy and come with anti-slip soles.

Nel a Ned £17

Nel a Ned Sweatshirt

This super soft sweatshirt is 100% organic. I love this simple balloon design on the front.

I Dream Elephants £56

This Scotch Shrunk backpack will certainly inspire little adventurers.

Cissy Wears £36

These spotty baggy pants are my ultimate must-have for this Spring/ Summer. Also check out the other spotted bits from this range, I’m coveting them all for my little munchkins.

Like my fab finds? What are you loving this season for your little ones?

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  • OMG who has this kinda cash to spend on their kids? $100 for a blanket, you guys in the UK really know rack up huge credit card bills and here was me thinking it was just us Americans.

  • Hi Skeptical Mom. Thank you for your comment. This item may appear to be just a blanket, but it is a handmade quilted blanket that has many uses (playmat, picnic blanket etc) Quite often things that are handmade will cost a little more than something made in a factory as the person producing the lovely blanket has had to put in a lot of time making and designing it and has to be paid the minimum wage or above, so that then adds to the cost of the item.

    In this area of the website we hope to inspire people and show them items that they might have not found elsewhere. We are trying to help and support the independent retailers and brands that need more visibility online.

    Whilst i can appreciate the blanket is expensive I appreciate the work that has gone in to making such a beautiful item. I feel this would make a great gift for a new born and i imagine if i had this blanket, it would be more of an heirloom.

  • Thanks for writing a response instead of putting my comment in the trash. I can see your point really I can and it is a lovely blanket but it is overpriced whatever way you see it. I’m not dissing the site, or the writer of the post either, I know there are often generous kickbacks from brands for that type of PR. Independent brands need to compete in the market it’s called being in business. I would love to see some cool brands for kids that were both independent and reasonably priced, how hard would that be huh?

  • Hi Skeptical Mom. So sorry for the delay in the response to you. Junior Style do not currently receive any generous ‘Kick backs’ from brands & retailers we promote on the Junior Style Website. I promote and support independent brands and retailers that i have been working with in some shape or form, over the 10 years of being in this industry and brands i know my customers would love. Many are having a number of problems due to the economic climate. I do charge a nominal membership fee for these companies to be listed on the site, but this does not influence what is talked about or featured on the site and all contributors are not guided as to what items to select each week. As you can see if you take a look, there are high street items included in their weekly finds too. Its hard for independent brands and retailers to compete in the market right now, as many choose to produce here in the UK or in Europe, they are handmade, use natural, organic or eco tex fabrics all which come with a cost. Many of the products you find on the high street are made in sweat shops, some by children, all of whom are not paid well at all or treated fairly. The whole production process in these places is not great and also the dyes and chemicals that are used, also have a huge effect the environment. I therefore applaud designers & brands that take on this journey and look in to producing in a more ethical way, where people get paid a fair wage, are using organic fabrics etc and all this therefore adds on a significant cost to the garment. These people also work very hard and i know many that actually dont make that much per item, yet they still carry on with the dream they will be recognised for their great design, skill and ethos.

    I am happy to publish your earlier comments but i would write the same. I welcome all comments good or bad as everyone is entitled to their opinion and i dont see it in any way as ‘dissing’ the site. From other peoples opinions i am aware i can learn from these and hopefully go on to create a portal which serves all interested in Children’s fashion.

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