Sweet Dreams and Fairytale softness from Norwegian Lilleba

duggfriskroseBabyWe all want and need a good night’s sleep, parents and children alike, and the truth is that children’s night wear plays an important role in helping them get some lovely shut-eye. Looking for the perfect night wear for your child? Norwegian Silje Sivertsen and Nina Eikerol behind Lilleba create amazingly soft, comfortable and traditional yet cool night wear and underwear. The design range is child centred and brings a dreamy, fairy tale feel.

Your child will love wearing Lilleba clothes, and you will love them for their quality and comfort: The material used is bamboo, which absorbs moisture, has natural breathability, and keeps your child comfortable in all temperatures. The patterns and colours are equally gorgeous for boys and girls alike. Some of the items from their Spring/Summer ’14 collection include the Tuva pyjamas in blue “Arv” (also in pink), “Duggfrisk Rose” (“Dewy fresh rose”) and “Ugler i Mosen” (“Owls in the moss”). 


My two little ones adore the Lilleba pyjamas. They feel snug and comfortable in any weather, and the soft embrace of bamboo and cotton is perfect for lulling them in to dreamland. The sleeping bags are real favourites too! Such a great fit, and is like a sleeping suit and sleeping bag in one. It’s been said that being able to feel their own feet and their own skin has a calming effect on babies – perfect for sleepy time.  




Lilleba’s collections wander through a gorgeous, romantic fantasy world. Their collections take inspiration from traditional Norwegian poems and verses, often printed on pockets or other details on the clothes. The clothes are made with focus on what’s best for the skin and for the environment too. 




Lilleba’s nightwear and underwear last you a long time, as the sizes are generous. Many items also have unique design features that provide plenty of room for your little one to grow and keep these sure-to-be-favourite clothes for longer. Personally, I love the Callum Body, which comes in lots of cool and beautiful patterns. It’s super soft, incredibly practical and lasts a long time. The front buttoning makes changing easy and you don’t have to pull the top over your little one’s head. With adjustable fastening as your child grows, you get two sizes in one! Have a look at this beautiful examples in the “Blomsterpike” (“Flowergirl”) pattern and the “Bambi” in marine blue. You also get amazing Yoga trousers, which are a great match with the body tops. Your child can enjoy these trousers for a long time, as it takes growth into account with a high waist and legs you can fold up (and down).






Lilleba clothing is incredibly considerate to young skin: nickel free pop-buttons, no seams at the back, flat side seams, and no itchy or uncomfortable labels. Made with bamboo and cotton, it’s fairytale soft, keeps skin dry and comfortable, and is therefore also ideal for children with eczema. There is no print or colouring inside, which means that your little one’s skin never comes into contact with any colours. All print is environmentally friendly, the clothes are ph-neutral and made without formaldehyde (which can cause allergies).

For warmer weather, your children can enjoy the summer suits too, such as the Adrian suit and the Anna suit.


AdrianRidder anna

Simply the dreamiest for your little ones! And if you were sitting there thinking “I could wear these clothes myself”, you’re in luck! Not just mums, but dads too can enjoy these comfortable and simply rather magical clothes. Cool and beautiful sleeping or lounging – Norwegian style.











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