The Bazaar For Good: A Celebration of Fashion, Women’s Power, and Philanthropy.

Miami’s annual Bazaar For Good recently marked its 5th edition with a spectacular celebration that highlighted the convergence of fashion, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, and charitable giving. This unique event brought together an amazing community dedicated to helping underprivileged children, showcasing the incredible impact that collective action can have on society.

The Bazaar For Good is more than just a charity event; it’s a lifestyle-driven experience that features curated talks, music sessions, wellness classes, workshops, and special influencer closet shopping experiences. This diverse array of activities creates a vibrant atmosphere that engages attendees and promotes a sense of unity and purpose.

the bazaar for good Aleksandra Ataca Camilla Coelho
Aleksandra Ataca, Junior Style editor-en-chief and Camila Coelho

the bazaar for good Martha Graeff Camilla Coelho

About The Bazaar for Good
Founded by Martha Graeff and Danie Gomez-Ortigoza in 2018, The Bazaar for Good brings the community together to do good. Funds will be channeled through Unidos to Give, a platform that seeks to connect those who want to help with those in need through high-impact social projects. The Bazaar For Good unites a community of women from different countries and backgrounds with a common mission: to raise funds for children worldwide. Comprised of over 30 women with a strong presence on social media committed to using their voices to speak out and raise awareness about the issues we face as a society and what we can do for disadvantaged children. Each year, 100% of the funds raised at the Bazaar go towards creating meaningful changes in the lives of children from different countries, supporting education, health, and equality.

the bazaar for good

the bazaar for good

Talks for Good panel, hosted by Valery Lipovetsky, was a highlight of the event, featuring a lineup of inspiring guests who shared their insights and experiences. Alexandra Wilkis, an iconic entrepreneur, captivated the audience with her journey through the highs and lows of business and life, offering valuable lessons in success and failure.

Gigi Vogel and Lauren Berliner led a discussion on wellness, emphasizing the importance of self-care and well-being. Their insights provided attendees with practical tips and advice for living a healthier and more balanced life.

The panel also featured a group of remarkable individuals who spoke about philanthropy and life. Camila Coelho, Martha Graeff, Danie Gomez-Ortigoza, Isabela Grutman, and Rachael Russell shared their experiences and perspectives on giving back and making a difference in the world. Their stories served as a powerful reminder of the impact that kindness and generosity.

Valery Lipovetsky Aleksandra Ataca Alexandra Wilkis  the Bazaar For Good
Aleksandra ataca, Valery Lipovetsky, Alexandra Wilkis

Isabela Grutman Style Saves

the Bazaar For Good Lancome

the bazaar for good miami design district


Founded in 2011, it started with the idea of uniting fashion with philanthropy. Led by Rachael Russell Saiger and Isabela Rangel Grutman, it is a community of creatives committed to engaging with tomorrow’s leaders through the basic principles that fashion can elevate and be a catalyst for good.

Style Saves helps thousands of students and their families with basic school items, new clothing, school uniforms, food assistance, maternity needs, and more, all at no cost to them, through their annual Back to School event. The organization’s efforts have reached over 150,000 students and their families, and the global impact has provided relief efforts in Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, and Honduras. Through purpose-driven experiential moments, including the annual silent auction, back-to-school event, and meaningful partnerships, Style Saves has allied influencers who stand firm in the powerful connection that can be established when fashion meets philanthropy.

the bazaar for good miami design district

The support of over 80 brands, including renowned names like Lancome, Babor, Alexis, Cult Gaia, Agolde,  Paige,  a selection of luxury items from CURIO at Faena Bazaar along with the addition of kids’ fashion brands like MEET MARIE, Submarine swimwear, Summer Love, and Nella Pima, truly made this year’s Bazaar For Good a remarkable event. The generosity of these brands in donating their products not only enhanced the experience for attendees but also made a significant contribution to the fundraising efforts. It’s heartwarming to see so many brands unite for such a noble cause, highlighting the impact of collective action and the difference it can make in the lives of those in need.

the bazaar for good

How can I participate?

Every contribution, whether it’s through donation, volunteering, or spreading the word, holds the power to drive meaningful change in philanthropy. As echoed at the Talks for Good panel, our strength lies in unity, not competition. This sentiment resonates deeply, especially in the realm of social media, where we strive for a more positive discourse. Each of us, no matter our audience size, can leverage our voice for Good. Together, we have the potential to create a ripple effect of positivity that extends far beyond our immediate circles, inspiring others to join us in building a better world for all. The annual Bazaar for Good exemplifies this spirit, offering a dynamic lineup of curated talks, music sessions, wellness classes, and workshops, alongside exclusive influencer closet shopping experiences. This platform not only provides a stage for its partners but also amplifies their reach through collaboration with digital influencers. In last event, was raised an astounding US$420,000, with every cent going directly to four NGOs across Latin America that support underserved children.

If you’re interested in contributing or participating in the Bazaar for Good, please reach out to us or contact The Bazaar for Good directly. Your involvement can make a significant impact in the lives of those who need it most.

the bazaar for good Martha Graeff

the bazaar for good curio collection

Junior Style is proud to be a part of the project THE BAZAAR FOR GOOD.

the bazaar for good

Read more about The Bazaar For Good here


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