The Best Clothes for Superhero Play

blog af lepetitcaramel introMy girls are now at an age where they love being Superheroes. I often have to create a cape with my scarf for them, as I haven’t found Superheroes costumes for girls in the UK, that appeal to me.

Lately, my little-one has been watching Superman a lot and she enjoys pretending to be him. My little one was running with her arm, ready to fly and she thought she had his power, his strenght and his special attributes. That was a great way for her to feel in charge of her world……and this little one really needs to be in control.

I was happy to find the brand Le Petit Caramel which understands the importance for children to play with their clothes and which created a collection of nightwear/costumes.

Le Petit Caramel is a range of Children’s fashion and accessories created by Rafaela Garcia, a Franco-Venezuelan designer.

That brand is the perfect combination of two cultures, with the dynamism and strength of character of the South American and the sophistication of the French culture.

Children will love its bright colors, fun graphics and sometimes the references to their favourite Super Hero character. Parents will melt for its elegance and subtlety of design.

The nightwear collection offers the ultimate comfort as it’s made of 100% Pima Cotton, one of the most soft and resistant cottons in the world and as soft as cashmere. The Superheroes are inspired by famous ones: Batman, Catwoman, Spiderman with a modern edge.

Le Petit Caramel Super Bat Pyjama Set

Batman using his superpower in the great outdoor, indoor or with a sibling.

Le Petit Caramel Spiderboy Pyjama set.

Spiderboys are really scary…but in a good way!

Le Petit Caramel Cat Girl Pyjama set.

The Super powers are not only Boys. Catgirl is here!

Rafaela also has an ethical approach as she works with small, independent producers based in north Peru and fights against human trafficking and instability in Vietnam via a partnership with Fair Fashion, a French program from NGO Alliance Anti Trafic.

Rafaela has a range for the perfect little girls and little adventurers…

Le Petit Caramel Rabbit nighdress and Moto T-shirt

………………and a collection that Mums and Dads will just love.

Le Petit Caramel “Maman” and “Papa” bodysuits.
“Je t’aime Maman” / I love you Mummy
“Je t’aime Papa”/ I love you Daddy

Le Petit Caramel is our Flash Sale of the week on Tendre Deal. Don’t miss your find the right clothes for your SuperHeroes!

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