Mum and Mini Style Feature: The Milk House

The Milk House

When we saw these colourful images taken by photographer Sarah Winbourn featuring Monica and Joaquin from The Milk House Shop, we had to share them with you.

We have long since been a fan of this Mother and Son duo and adore Joaquin’s style and outfits made from small independents.  Sarah has been able to capture the dynamic between mother and son beautifully in these images.  Scroll down to view the full story and a little Q & A with both Sarah and Monica and for your reader offer.

The Milk House


The Milk House


The Milk House


The Milk House


The Milk House


The Milk House


The Milk House

The Milk House


JS: How did the shoot with Monica and Joaquin come about?

SW: I had been following The Milk House on Instagram for a while and whilst I loved the shots starring the amazing little Joaquin, I particularly loved the shots that showed the dynamic between mother and son as they both posed in sporadic images. Once I planned a trip to Miami, it was a very clear decision to get in touch with Monica to see if she would be interested in working together.

JS: We love the back drops for the shoot.  Where can these amazing walls be found? 

SW: These are the colourful Wynwood Walls, South Beach, Miami. The perfect spot for a characterful pair like Joaquin and Monica.

JS: Tell me a little more about The Milk House Shop.

M: Nothing was plan, that’s for sure… Somedays I still ask my self how this started.  When Joaquin was born some of my friends and passers by when we were out, loved his outfits.  This lead me to start blogging about the outfits Joaquin wore.

I did not want to rely on to blogging, so I started an IG account for Joaquin. Once again I wasn’t expecting much. The account very quickly became popular and brands were so in to Joaquin’s  style.  It then just made sense to let his followers get his looks directly from us! …And so “The Milk House Shop” began.

JS: Why did you set up a showroom in Miami?

M: In the beginning I did think to have a bricks and mortar store but finding the perfect place was very difficult, so I opened a showroom.  The showroom mean’t I could be with Joaquin anytime and not be attached to a schedule.  The next step now is the online store…and that is coming real soon!!


Monica is due to launch an online store at the end of this month.  Monica is very kindly offering the Junior Style Readers 25% off the entire catalogue, that is both SS16 and AW16. You can view the catalogue here and anyone wishing to place an order should make contact with Monica via to place an order.


Find out more about The Milk House Shop here.


Photography: Sarah Winbourn

Joaquin wears clothing from The Milk House.


All rights reserved.

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