At Home in the Mountains with Devon’s Drawer

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

Jessica Dickinson of the beautiful children’s lifestyle blog Blake Acres shares her love of classic children’s wear labels and features American brand, Devon’s Drawer on the Junior Style blog. Jessica and her Boston-based family share their adventures both near and far.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @blakeacres

Wherever we may roam, the mountains call us home.

There is something magical that exists only here, brought in part by the serenity and enchantment found along cliffside passages.  Where the terrain changes with elevation, peeking our interest and inviting us to explore what lies ahead.  These steps are familiar yet thrilling and we feel at home within the protective walls of nature.

In this moment, our universe is filled with wholesome adventure and a bit of heirloom goodness from Devon’s Drawer.

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

Woven into each piece from Devon’s Drawer is a dedication to ethical production and quality fabrics with unmatched standards.  These garments are as natural as our landscape and withstand the type of play that comes about on (or off) trail.

Soft pockets on Elise’s Hillary dress are perfect for collecting a colourful array of leaves and fairy moss.  The length adds a modern touch and provides ease of wear.  With little hesitation, Mila forges her own path in the brand’s Aline overalls and Russell turtleneck, a combo too cute for words.

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

Our mountains are now topped with a new dusting of snow and they’re calling us back for another adventure along their slopes.

Jessica Dickinson Devons Drawer

At Home in the Mountains Clothing Credits:

Elise & Mila’s outfits: Devon’s Drawer.  Shop the latest collection from Devon’s Drawer with 15% off here. Use code BLAKEACRES15 for 15% off your order. (Code expires midnight, Wednesday 8/11/17).

Elise’s shoes: Zimmerman Shoes

Mila’s shoes: Angulus

Elise’s tights: Tocoto Vintage

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Eva’s House



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