The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

Accountant and Mother of two Lucy Ferguson lives in the granite city of Aberdeen Scotland, the perfect place for adventures with her sons, Mylo aged seven and Luther two.  The brothers share a sibling relationship most will recognise, with Mylo being the sensitive and more compassionate of the brothers and Luther being the more bossier of the two.

A strong believer that life doesn’t stop after you’ve had children, Lucy states ‘Yes, it is different but you don’t have to stop the things you adore, just adapt them to fit around your life now.’

Lucy’s Instagram account documents the families day to day life. Follow Lucy on Instagram at @lc_sunshine

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The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

My boys may look similar but their personalities couldn’t be further apart. You could say Mylo is the calm and Luther the storm.  Mylo has such a sensitive compassionate soul and Luther sets his own rules, highlighting his determined, adventurous soul.

The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

You will often find Luther believing he is actually the elder of the two brothers, bossing Mylo around, and Mylo will happily take the back seat to let him get his own way. Mylo is Luther’s protector and guide. The siblings are always running together, on adventures – an unbreakable duo who share their love for chicken and chips!

The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

I have always loved fashion and when my children came along they opened my eyes to the other side of the industry, an industry that can blur lines between fashion, creative and fun, separating you from the crowd.

The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

You will regularly find me with a bag of crisps in my hand and I’m partial to a cheese string, something I bet you never thought you’d hear women of my age say! In 2020, I am looking to challenge myself to work towards a calmer, slower way of life and to continue to work towards living with less.

The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

The Natty Co: Big Brother, Little Brother

Follow Lucy on Instagram at @lc_sunshine

Mylo and Luther wear clothing from The Natty Co. Shop THE NATTY CO collection HERE or follow @thenattyco.




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