Top Ten Models – February 2022

Since the pandemic started in 2020 young models around the world have not had as many modelling opportunities as previous. Due to this, the Junior Style team decided to put our platform to good use and support our community by offering young models the chance of some visibility on our platform and at the same time bring a little fun and excitement to our followers.

Junior Style is well known for spotting models, influencers and talent. In November 2020 we decided to hold our first model search and offered a number of one-off opportunities for our followers to be featured on the Junior Style platform.

Models featured on our platform via the Model Search have reported that they have gained many fantastic opportunities from being featured, with some models finally obtaining representation, working on seasonal lookbooks and brand campaigns and working with brands directly as Influencers. In October 2021 we decided to hold another search so we could help many more models in their journey.

Scroll below to view our Top Ten child models for February…..

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels
Name: Sheila Chanel
Age: 9 years old
Instagram: @sheilachanell
Agent: @graceandgalor
Photographer: @alifealovealens
Location: UK

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels
Name: Jeremy Poitras
Age: 6 years old
Instagram: @jay_poitras_model 
Agent: @agencecarrousel
Photographer: Nathalie Sartisson Photo
Location: Montréal, Canada

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels
Name: Isabella Olivia Zagzag
Age: 6 years old
Instagram: @Isabellazag
Agent: Kidslondon
Photographer: Kate Priest Photography
Location: UK

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels

Name: Hannah Chimonyo
Age: 8 years old
Instagram: @maka_chims
Agent: @seaside_kids_casting
Photographer: @melsingphotography_uk
Location: UK

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels

Name: Ava Reese Franzen
Age: 11 years old
Instagram: @ava_reese_franzen @avareese_model
Photographer: @katie.andelman
Location: USA

Name: Memphis Dawson
Age: 4 years old
Instagram: @memphis_d22
Agent: @southcoastkidzltd
Location: UK

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels

Name: Samara Harvey
Age: 12 years old
Instagram: @samara_o_model
Agency: Wilhelmina Denver
Photographer: Katie Andelman, @katie.andelman
Location: USA

Name: Troyboy Auguste
Age: 12
Instagram: @troyboy_auguste
Agent: Pixie Models
Photographer: Sarah Marrin
Location: London

February's Top Ten Child Models #teenmodels #kidmodels

Name: Natalia Austin
Age: 14
Instagram account: @n.austinherraiz
Agency: Tiny Angels Models
Photographer: Jose Villa
Location: Spain



Child modelling can give both parents and their children a chance to experience a unique opportunity, work with some big brands, save for their future, meet some new friends, and most importantly, have fun.


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