Trend Edit: Ruffled Minimalism By Yvadney Davis

It’s fair to say that a childhood unplugged involves plenty of movement and frivolity. Which is why I have nothing but love for this season’s ruffle trend. When I say ruffles, I’m not just talking about Kahlo-like gipsy tops and romantic party dresses. I’m celebrating frills with an altogether more modern twist.

The key to this trend is all about placement. Ruffles are incorporated into leg and arm seams; asymmetric silhouettes create dramatic cascades, and sculptural ruffles stick out dramatically. To counteract the usual ‘girly’ connotations, fabrics and lines are sporty and clean. The colours combine softer hues with more graphic monochrome, which gives the final look a futuristic take on ‘sugar and spice’.

So inject the kids’ summer wardrobes with a fresh dose of ruffled minimalism. Less delicacy and more attitude which means their clothes will move as they do. Now that’s nailing frou-frou, without losing the cool factor.


1. The Animals Observatory Koala Jumpsuit. 2. Little Creative Factory Degas Swimsuit. 3. Raspberry Plum Singer Dress. 4. Nikolia Shirt. 5. River Island Ruffle Trousers. 6. Milk & Biscuits Big Frill Top. 7. Nikolia Skirt. 8. Manuela Clau Top. 9. Manuela Sosa Shorts.



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Feature Image – Nikolia dress, skirt and top available at Little Rags and Riches.



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