Up-cycled Sweater

Upcycled Sweaterby Tze Ching Yeung from Jake and Maya.

Having moved houses quite a few times in the past 18 months, and literally lived out of suitcases a few of those months, made me realised how little we actually NEED in order to survive.

Determined to make life simpler and moving easier, we managed to clear out quite a few boxes of old clothing. Some have been given away to friends, some to charity shops but we held on to a few pieces that have up-cycling potential.

tc sweater cutout

tc sweater attach

Here is a polo neck sweater that used to belong to my husband. He hasn’t worn it for years. I love the colour and it is super soft, so decided to see what I could come up with.

  1. Easiest thing to do is, find a few things that has good fit. Trace shape onto paper and lay out on old garment.
    •  – I used sleeves as trouser legs, polo neck was perfect width as waist.
    •  – Bottom hem was turned into hat and mittens and finally the body got turned into a cuddly elephant.
  2. Cut out (with 1cm seam allowance), turn inside out, pin and sew together.
    •  – I over-locked and used a long stitch to stop edges fraying, while maintaining the stretch.
  3. Decorate, stuff and done.
    •  – I used some left over tulle for bows and trouser frill.
    •  – The little left over that was left was used as stuffing, together with some other scrap cotton for the elephant.

Upcycled Sweater - Finished

What do you think ? Isn’t it amazing what one can make using just an old sweater ? So re-think next time you are about to throw your old clothes out …

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