Upcycling: Mittens from old Sweaters by Nicole

Upcycling: Mittens

by Nicole Frobusch from Nixie Clothing

 As it is going to be really cold soon we thought…


Upcycling: Mittens

Take an old jumper transform it into felt by washing it that little bit too hot (I am sure most of us have done this unintentionally with a really lovely jumper in the past and were gutted).

Use this versatile technique for items of any shape or size.

1. Trace hand and wrist (if making mittens) or an object to be stored (such as an MP3 player) onto paper, adding 1/2 inch all around; or draw a template freehand. Cut out. Position template on a sweater; cut out. Repeat, flipping template to make a second cutout that’s the mirror image of the first.

Upcycling Mittens Step 1

2. Stitch pieces, right sides together, with 1/4-inch seam allowance. Zigzag-stitch around seam to reinforce. Turn right side out. If desired, add a drawstring or a button.

Upcycling Mittens Step 2

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