Vibrant Colours for a Child’s bedroom

a1sx2 Original1 blog af coinenfants introColours are key for a child’s development. One of the first external factors that an infant will react to even if his visual acuity is limited at the beginning. Soft and Muted tones will have a relaxing effect while Bright colours will entice them into activity.

Develop your childs visual spectrum, engage them, inspire them, develop their imagination. Recognizing colours is an important skill as a lot of information is colour-coded – traffic light, signs, colours on food, colours of the different seasons, the colours you wear…

I am glad to have found the Children’s brand Le Coin des Enfants which doesn’t hesitate to use numerous colours and decided to produce their products in a country with a great handicraft tradition.

On the Cebu island, Phillippines, 15 years ago Le Coin des Enfants found a unique skill: Hand Painting and decided to create a range of wooden toys and decoration to delight Children and Parents.

Le Coin des Enfants contribute to the Philipines Economy and employ more than 200 people. They recruit local people and train them to become new hand painters, where they master their art and create a colourful world for children.

a1sx2_Original1_blog_af_coin-enfants_bird.jpgLe Coin des Enfants Flying Bird Mobile Decoration.

In a traditional Craft Workshop, crafts people and locals work with precision to add numerous shining colours for your children’s pleasure.


Le Coin des Enfants Musical Michiko Doll

The Decorative products are made of Gmelina wood, a popular species for reforestation projects and with a sustainable approach as it is easy to cultivate and grows very quickly.


Le coin des Enfants “Seaside” Wooden Height Measurement Chart.

Le Coin des Enfants offer a range of wooden toys, musical mobiles, hand puppets, shape sorters…and a majority of decorative objects.

Le Coin des Enfants understand the importance of role play and with that they have an interesting range of fancy dress accessories.


Le Coin des Enfants Foam Sword and Shield Set.

……..and for the girls, lovely wooden jewelery.


Le Coin des Enfants Maelys Wooden Jewellery Set.

If you would like to bring more colours in to your child’s world, Le Coin des Enfants is available this week on Tendre Deal Boutique.

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