Why buy British?

Buy BriitishIn recent years there appears to be a long overdue “in my opinion” gravitation of brands and businesses such as Marks and Spencer’s moving some if not all of their production back to the UK. But why did they ever leave?

Apart from pure economics. There was no strong patriotic campaigns encouraging consumers to buy British made products.

And so, when buying a dress, a piece of furniture or a bag of potatoes – do you check to see where it has comes from?
I'm backing Britain
Do people care whether it was designed, manufactured or grown by British firms or farms?

Made in Britain logoAs a Brit living in France, I see daily that French people would not dream of drinking anything other than French wine or driving anything other than a French car. Yet, when I was growing up I was always under the impression that “we” Britain did not produce anything.

I am now proud to say that things are changing and that we have a number of successful patriotic campaigns helping us identify British brands and products such as Make it British, which is the source of information on British-made brands and UK manufacturing.

I believe that patriotic campaigns are helping convert the British consumer, but would also welcome greater support from the government.

There are finally signs that Britain’s manufacturing sector is once again becoming a relative bright spot in the country’s recovery with UK production on the increase as demand increases from home. This shows that there are signs that British buyers are seeing the value in purchasing British made products.
Further, this increase in demand is having a positive effect on the British economy with employment in the UK manufacturing sector, reaching a two-year high.

This is being supported by innovative British manufacturers such as Project WD who are willing to help encourage British clothing manufacturing by working with designers directly, not pressuring brands with ridiculously high minimums and recruiting locally skilled staff.

I think we are successfully dispelling the myth that Britain does not produce anything, but we must ensure is that we continue to encourage the new psyche of British buyers. I find it unacceptable that the American consumer appears to be more willing to buy British products than the British consumer.

For me, the thing to remember is Britain has a rich history of producing and manufacturing some of the best materials and products in the world and by buying authentic British goods, manufactured by skilled craftsman using the finest materials, you are helping to keep these skills alive in the Britain. If you don’t support those makers we will lose them forever – now we don’t want that do we?

[Image from Wikimedia Commons] [Intro image from VisitBritain.org]
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