Becoming: A Story of Transformation

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Junior Style London is pleased to share Becoming a stunning editorial by Eliza Logan which originally appeared in the 6th issue of Hooligans Magazine.

Shot on location by the beach in beautiful San Clemente, California, the sand rock cliffs provide a stark and primal backdrop for this story of transformation.

Becoming tells the story of a fragile creature just emerging from her cocoon and the journey from naivety to fearlessness.

The girl’s journey into her own power is signaled by the change of color. Her white dress indicates innocence and brand newness, just born, which gradually gives way to a wild yellow—but she’s still unsure, delicate, guarded.

The girl finds her confidence in crimson hues and eventually appears at the top of a mountain in black and the transformation is complete—she is fully grown, strong, and literally on top of the world.

Photographer Eliza Logan says of the shoot, ‘This was my first time shooting with Brookelin [Shinabeck] and I was speechless watching her become the character I envisioned. With each change of styling she became more and more powerful. I felt like I was watching a real creature emerge from a shell, barely any feathers, wet hair and in front of my eyes she transformed into this gorgeous young woman, who modeled her heart out at the top of the cliff.”

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Photography and Styling: Eliza Logan @elizaloganphotography

Model: Brookelin Shinabeck @eapba_bklyn


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