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Junior Style Kids Fashion Blog - Paxton Beau Bobo Choses

Larissa Bazile mother of Paxton Beau is originally from Berlin, Germany and now living on the East coast, with her husband Sterling, Paxton and their pomeranian Baloo. When Pax was born he rekindled Larissa’s love of kids fashion and photography.  You will find Pax kitted out in the latest international kids fashions, quite often alongside his best friend Baloo whom he shares a beautiful relationship with.  Follow, Larissa and Paxton’s blog to be kept up to date on boys style.

Junior Style Kids Fashion Blog - Paxton Beau Bobo Choses

In Pax’s opinion, any day is a good day to go to the beach. We are on our vacation at present and Paxton Beau is loving life in Malibu, California, with its endless beaches. We are very fortunate to live right by the ocean.

Pax is spoiled in many ways because if he asks to go to the beach, more than often we will be sure to go and bring our little dog Baloo along who loves beach life just as much as Pax. You can tell good beach looks are a must in our house! Anything fast drying like this terry cotton onesie and super light bloomers work well for us! Although Pax doesn’t wear onesie’s on the whole anymore, I couldn’t resist the one Pax is seen wearing in the images by Bobo Choses.  Those who know me, know that I am obsessed with anything Bobo Choses and love the old collections just as much as the new ones!  This look is just effortlessly cute paired with some Young Soles sandals from Munchkin et Moi…. and no, I do not think bloomer’s are just for girls! Pax rocks them proudly!

Junior Style Kids Fashion Blog - Paxton Beau Bobo Choses

Junior Style Kids Fashion Blog - Paxton Beau Bobo Choses

When we’re at the beach we love to throw rocks in the water to see how big of a “plop” they make. Pax loves chasing “shegulls” away either by running or roaring at them like a lion. He thinks it’s extremely funny to throw sand at my back but he’s not loving it on his hands and asks me to help him clean them constantly! I’m telling you he must be the only kid at the beach that’s concerned about sandy, messy hands! Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of our Cali vacation and you can go get this look from our favorite Bobo retailer Kodomo!

Junior Style Kids Fashion Blog - Paxton Beau Bobo Choses


Follow Larissa and Paxton Beau @paxton.beau to keep up to date with boys style.


Clothing credits: Bobo Choses Onesie from kodomo, Bloomers from kodomo,  Sandals.


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