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CCT - Nici and her familyGood morning my wonderful Chit Chat Tuesday readers! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you all had a wonderful festive break and are ready and rocking for what we will be a fabulous 2015! Positive thinking as always!! I honestly don’t know where 2014 went? I feel like it was over in a flash! BUT all I can say is that I am VERY excited for what 2015 holds! It has been our first week back in the Circus office and there has been lots of exciting things taking place! I don’t want to say too much at the moment but what I will say is that we have some FABULOUS new clients coming on board! All I can say is watch the Circus London PR space…

Anyways enough from me!! Let’s get cracking!! Today on CCT I am joined by the wonderful and very talented Nici from childrenswear brand Noé &  Zoë! Noé &  Zoë is based in Berlin and I first became aware of the brand when Vida Kids started to represent the brand in the UK! I am a HUGE fan and I am so excited to be joined by Nici on the show today!

Nici, thank you so much for joining us today! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…

I am happy mother of 4! I have three boys and one girl (Sam, 23/Zizou, 9/Zoë, 7/Zavi, 4)

I studied fashion design, but worked as a costume designer and stylist for the past 15 years!

How exciting! What made you make the change to go in to childrenswear fashion?

I always found working in adult fashion too superficial, but working in kids fashion is really different.

Kids wear is much more playful and fun!

I haven’t had much experience in adultswear but I love working in the childrenswear industry! I am with you on that…it is definitely fun!

Where do you draw inspiration for your collections?

I am inspired by my children, but also by little things that I encounter in everyday life.

I also enjoy going to exhibitions or seeing a great movie but I find that traveling is where I am able to draw the most inspiration.

CCT - Noe and Zoe printsNoe & Zoe SS15 Fabric Rolls.

CCT - Noe and Zoe 19 Style Children kids fashion clothes shapes Little GathererSS15 Sample collection.

I absolutely love travelling! If I could I would be going to a different place all the time! Maybe when I am retired haha! So tell us…why the name Noé &  Zoë?

My husband came up with the name after our childen Noé (co-founder Nadine´s son) & Zoë (my daughter) were born. It didn´t hit us for a while how similar their names were, but when we were looking for a name to call our brand, we knew right away that it was great one!

It’s funny how things just suddenly come to you! All we can say is that we are glad you went with Noé &  Zoë! Who looks after your Sales and Pr in the UK?

Noé &  Zoë is represented by Vida Kids for sales! We haven’t currently got a PR agency in the UK.

Vida Kids are a fab agency to be represented by! They get a HUGE thumbs up from me! What’s coming up for the brand?

We have exciting new collections and a larger studio to look forward to. We are in the middle of setting up a little shop and showroom.
We also have the photoshoot for AW 15/16 coming up with the super talented photographer Paul Roissant. It´s a great pleasure working with him and finding the right visual for each collection.

Wow you do have a lot coming up! That’s the best way though! There is nothing better other than to be busy busy! AND last but not least…Do you have a style icon?

David Bowie! His style was great!

I completely agree with you! He was definitely an icon!

SS15 Noe & Zoe Collection

 cct NoeZoe SS15 300dpi 04

cct NoeZoe SS15 300dpi 08

cct NoeZoe SS15 300dpi 09

cct NoeZoe SS15 300dpi 11

cct NoeZoe SS15 300dpi 16

cct NoeZoe SS15 300dpi 19

Nici thank you so much for joining both myself and the Chit Chat Tuesday readers on today’s show! It has been lovely getting to know you a bit better and hearing about all of the exciting things coming up for Noé &  Zoë! I hope to see you in Paris for Playtime!!

Join my next week for lots more gossip and chinwagging! Big hugs and kisses Kate xox

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