The Fabulous Life of Alessandro Enriquez

Alessandro Enriquez, creative director of An Italian Theory, interviewed for the Junior Style London blog

Interview and edit by Jennifer Irizarry @jennyfriend

In this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday, you’ll get a sneak peek into the fabulous life of Alessandro Enriquez. His label, 10 x 10 An Italian Theory, is the sartorial embodiment of the best of Italy—food, art, music, and of course, amore.

Of Sicilian and French-Tunisian parentage, Alessandro Enriquez always delivers an international Pop sensibility making good use of bold colour palettes and graphic prints that appeal instinctively to the young and young at heart. Enjoy the interview and the sneak peek of the SS17 campaign!

JI: What does 10 x 10 in ’10×10 An Italian Theory’ refer to exactly?

AE: The name of the collection took the name from a publication named 10×10 An Italian Theory, a book of lifestyle, food, and fashion I published years ago. For the book, I invited 10 different people to a dinner party—from fashion luminaries Anna Dello Russo and Margherita Missoni, to architect and designer Fabio Novembre, sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, and pop star Ornalla Vanon.

JI: So what is the secret to assembling the best mix of dinner guests?

AE: I love to combine the perfect mix—like the menu proposal. The people have to be funny and at the same time quite fluent conversationally. However, I like to mix different kinds of people: from fashionistas to journalists and blogger, artists, and simple friends.

Alessandro Enriquez, creative director of An Italian Theory, interviewed for the Junior Style London blog

JI: You studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins here in London—what is your favorite thing to do in London when you have down time?

AE: I used to go in the vintage market in Brick lane in East London. I love to buy vintage clothes and do my research.

JI: Who are your personal favourite menswear designers? Do you have a ‘uniform’ for work or leisure?

AE: I like to mix and match different brands. I like to wear colours. Vintage is, as I said, my passion. Old Moschino for example mixed with COS or Lanvin could be my work uniform. I love Opening Ceremony and the collaborations they used to do every season.

Alessandro Enriquez, creative director of An Italian Theory, interviewed for the Junior Style London blog

JI: I adore the sense of romance and nostalgia of your AW16/17 collection—it feels like falling in love in an analogue world. What was the inspo?

AE: My boyfriend, my friends, my life, my work—this is the mix of my inspiration. I love people and stay with people 😉

JI: What can we expect for your SS16/17 children’s collection?

AE: A lot of good vibrations mixed with a 70’s mood and Italian songs!


JI: If you had two days—a weekend only—to spend on holiday, where would you go?

AE: Sicily of course! But Spain too!

JI: I’m a huge fan of Linda Tol—I run into her every September and February during fashion week in New York. Her campaigns with An Italian Theory are so brilliant. Any plans for future collaboration?

AE: We are like brother and sister! We used to develop different projects together, but for the moment we only spend beautiful time together…


JI: Your French bulldog is insanely cute and she has her own ‘gram! Do you take her with you on all your travels?

AE:  @Kenyathefrenchie is a beautiful little daughter!!!! She is very lovely and crazy!!!! She used to travel with me only during the quiet trips… not for fashion week ;-p Follow her ahahahaha!!!

JI: I’m a bit obsessed with An Italian Theory handbags. Ever think of making a backpack for children that the mums can steal?

AE:  Actually I stopped this season with the bags collection because soon I will debut the new SS17 Alessandro Enriquez bag collection.

JI: I will definitely keep tabs on that! Thank you, Alessandro!

For updates on Alessandro Enriquez’s eponymous new handbag line, follow @alessandroenriquez_official and 10 x 10 An Italian Theory @anitaliantheory on Instagram.

You can shop the 10 x 10 An Italian Theory collection at Coccole Bimbi and Farfetch.



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