Finding Paradise with Maison Balena

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Jessica Dickinson of the beautiful children’s lifestyle blog Blake Acres shares her love of classic children’s wear labels and features Belgium brand Maison Balena and Everbloom Studio on the Junior Style blog. Jessica and her Boston-based family share their adventures both near and far. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @blakeacres.

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

A long-awaited trip south to the Belizian jungle gave us a short respite from all things cold and slushy up north and rejuvenated even the smallest of our clan. Last week, we found ourselves deep in the rainforest enjoying the company of songbirds, crickets and each other. Our days were spent shroud in the comfort of Maison Balena and adorned by the whimsy of Everbloom Studio.

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Always looking for ways to pack light, I was pleased to find Maison Balena’s wonderfully soft and featherweight kaftans and sets which were worn daily for a variety of active (and relaxing) pursuits, keeping us cool and protected from the sun and mosquitoes (of which there were many). Worn morning to night, they doubled as sleepwear to boot. Even I got to partake in the excellence that is Balena!

The girls delighted in the whimsical designs of Everbloom Studio, an accessory brand that understands the needs of aspiring princesses and entomologists alike with their crown headbands and dragonfly adornments.

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Jessica Dickinson Balena MineMine Kids

Finding Paradise Clothing Credits:

Elise, Mila and Jessica’s Beachwear: Maison Balena from MineMine Kids

Elise and Mila’s Hair Accessories and Necklace: Everbloom Studio from MineMine Kids

Jessica’s hat: Eugenia Kim



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