Monty & Co Edgelands: An Urban Wilderness Playground

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When Leigh Montague, founder of Monty & Co, told me about Edgelands, where British urban and rural landscapes meet creating vast playgrounds of lost and unnoticed wilderness, I was instantly intrigued. Childhood memories came flooding in, about adventures once had exploring similar wild derelict locations, making dens and basically hanging out with friends giving us all a sense of freedom.

Motivated to discover a nearby derelict playground to explore, a quick research by asking locals of a known safe and free to roam place, we stumbled upon fascinating RAF Tilstock.

Oak although slightly nervous at first by the sight of neglected military buildings with fallen roofs and crumbling walls scattered around the woodland soon began to excitedly submerge himself into playing mode. It was a perfect place for his off-roading trucks and action man in his mind.

It was the vibrant rust, greens and turquoise colours, paint peeling, mortar and stone crumbling textures and the way mother nature was reclaiming it’s home with vigour which caught my eye. The warm evening sun highlighting all this beauty amongst the chaos, broken windows with scattered glass glistening like crystals on the musty floors and rotting wooden frames. Torn metal sheets with dappled flaking paints looking like pieces of artwork in their own right, alongside the graffiti.

Strong debris and material reluctant to retreat, built to last and make its mark in its surroundings. Much the same has British brand Monty & Co, who make quality playful children workwear with durability and style in mind. All their garments are made of hardwearing fabric from 100% natural fibres. Basically, Leigh wants Monty & Co clothing to last, withstand childhood, pass on down to future generations and escape the landfill.

The new ‘Edgelands’ collection simply epitomizes the beauty which surrounds such derelict wilderness places on the edge of the cities. Still keeping the classic designs but throwing a new natural colour palette into the mix plus a new design the field grandad style shirt, absolutely luxuriant.

Oak wore the Foundery jacket inspired by the classic worker’s chore jacket, in the new Khaki colour, teamed with skipper hat in Ecru Marl. A utility workwear jacket for children which is hard to find anywhere else on the market. Oak was so excited to finally wear a work jacket similar to his daddy. Although you can keep the workwear look that I adore, it can easily be transformed into a street look by matching it with a funky jumper and pair of jeans or joggers. It really is such a versatile cute jacket with plenty of pockets to keep toys easily at hand or collected natural treasures.

Now we are already a huge fan of our favourite styled Engineer boilersuit. Oak has previously had one in the Sulphur blue which is worn most the time around our yard. I can honestly say the boilersuit really does withstand the test of time and is still in amazing condition but unfortunately, it is now starting to get a bit small on him, especially with thick woolly jumpers. So to say we were ecstatic to get the next size up Engineer boilersuit in the new Edgelands collection tan colour was an understatement.

Since the boiler suit is inspired by Leigh’s father and grandfathers RAF flight suits and the new edgelands colour tan, I couldn’t think of a perfect place to explore whilst Oak was wearing it. The rich tan colour camouflaged with its environments in shadows yet standing out centred stage amongst the rubble when the light shone rather magnificently.

Twin needle stitching for durability, bar tacks on pockets for reinforcement, zip guard for protection, deep patch pockets and knowing sustainability is at the core of the made in Britain brand are just a few of the reasons we adore Monty & Co so much.

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Clothing credits:

Oak’s FOUNDRY JACKET IN KHAKI from Monty & Co.

Oak’s SKIPPER HAT IN ECRU MARL from Monty & Co.

Oak’s Black Jacquard Grid Knit Sweater: Main Story

Oak’s Tiger Wide Tee: Main Story

Oak’s Jonas Denim Grey Pants: Someday Soon

Oak’s Black Biker Boots: Bullboxer


Oak’s Oslo Jacquard merino wool Jumper: Frou Frou Kids



View MONTY & CO EDGELANDS collection here. To learn more about the companies heritage and passions, click here.



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