Oaks of Acorn SS17 Inspired by Hong Kong

In this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday, Junior Style gets a sneak peek at what Oaks of Acorn SS17 has in store for us. A label admired for their beautiful prints and attention to detail, Oaks of Acorn SS17 delivers with bold colours, a sporty vibe, and as always, surprising details. Learn more about the brand and it’s founders and enjoy this sneak peek of their SS17 collection!

JS: The ombre colours of the Oaks of Acorn logo—mint, blue and purple—represent the three founders of the company. How do these colours resonate with each of you or reveal a part of your individual personalities?

Bezanne Lau: Looking back, the reasons behind the colour choices are kind of silly I must say…but it reflects who we are and how much fun we are having! Mint represents Winnie, because she is an extremely neat and tidy person, she likes everything in mint condition. I’m blue, because I always bragged about being part of the elementary school swimming team. In fact, Dilys hates the colour purple, so the joke’s on her! So purple is a symbol of learning how to embrace the things we dislike and be comfortable with it.

A sporty, colourful SS17 collection from Oaks of Acorn

JS: Oaks of Acorn was born out of your friendship at Parsons School of Design—at what point did you realise you’d be taking your relationship from the friend zone to the entrepreneur zone?

Bezanne Lau: I always knew I wanted to start a business and I see an opportunity in kids fashion. Winnie majored in childrenswear at school and Dilys could provide production support. I gathered them after gaining working experiences at multiple design houses in New York.

A sporty, colourful SS17 collection from Oaks of Acorn

JS: You are based in NYC and in Hong Kong—where are the majority of your stockists, globally?

Bezanne Lau: Hong Kong is our main hub, but we started the brand and debuted our SS15 collection in New York. I would say New York is our where our major stockists are, but we are also picking up in Europe.

A sporty, colourful SS17 collection from Oaks of Acorn

JS: For your AW16 collection, the team actually travelled together to Mongolia for inspiration. What was the most memorable aspect of the trip? Does every collection involve a group experience of some sort? If so, I want your life!

Bezanne Lau: Mongolia was a lot of fun, we got to experience a short term nomadic lifestyle and lived in mobile tents which are called as “ger” in the Mongolian language. The best part was definitely horse riding on the plateaus!

A sporty, colourful SS17 collection from Oaks of Acorn

JS: Can you reveal the theme of the SS17 collection? When will the collection be live in your e-shop?

Bezanne Lau: SS17 is all about our home – Hong Kong. We are introducing this dynamic city with an athletic theme! There will be fun graphics and playful prints throughout the energetic collection. We are also presenting a yoga capsule! The collection will be live in March, so stay tuned!

Sneak peek of Oaks of Acorn SS17

JS: Have you always wanted to be fashion designers? Did you always know you wanted to design for children or was it an evolution?

Bezanne Lau: Most of our backgrounds are womenswear, so the idea of designing for children was an evolution. None of us had children yet when we first started, but now Dilys is already expecting her second child!

The Oaks of Acorn SS17 collection will become available in March. In the meantime, you can shop the AW16 collection on their website.



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