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Good morning Chit Chat Tuesday readers. This week I made my way to Paris for Playtime Paris! Not only was this my first time to Playtime BUT it was also my first time to Paris! So…you can only imagine my excitement. I may not of seen the Eifel tower or much to Paris BUT I loved the feeling of being abroad AND in a city that I have never been in before! It may have been a very short trip but it definitely won’t be the last! Paris you can’t get rid of me that easily! I shall be returning!!

Right…are you all ready for some chinwagging? I hope so as this week I am joined by Boys Be Cool blogger and Lil’Stylers app developer Julia Angel! So let’s get to it guys and gals…

1.  Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…
This is one of the most difficult questions for me to answer! My life is pretty crazy so I’m going to have to take a big breath before I write and illustrate a book on the development of my fashion sense and obsession. I grew up in a total shortage of basic consumer goods and shadow economy, where clothes were a clear and loud announcement of a social status. Having had this adventurous beginning helped to lay out a foundation of resourcefulness and creativity! An international business development exec and a wanderlust queen in my former life, I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to travel, experience different cultures, and live in different exciting places. This has taught me to absorb and embrace different styles and fashion choices whereby I can then blend them into my very own cosmopolitan style, where everything is possible.
2.  Did you always know you wanted to go in to fashion?
I always knew I was obsessed with fashion, especially its footwear! I actually wanted to be a diplomat as I thought it involved a lot of travelling! I studied International Relationships and History of Arts, so I would be able to keep an elegant conversation going, while attending important diplomatic events and hosting embassy receptions. I am not kidding!
When I announced my life plans to my Modern Arts Professor, she laughed so hard she practically snorted. BUT she openly favoured me after this proud confession.
For me – the crazier the shoes the better! I have started quite a few trends which has driven my scientist Twin brother insane. I am attracted to very daring, lethally pointy mules with black, red, yellow and white tuxedo design. Fierce!
One of the projects developed by the company I worked for included establishing the presence of luxury brands in new markets. Much to my excitement and surprise…I was unanimously approved by the board of directors to lead this project. Attending new collections’ presentations, castings, trade shows, working with glossy magazines, organizing and leading shows and sales sessions, living out of the suitcases, creating ads and catch phrases, design and fit suggestions… It was everything I ever wanted and I enjoyed every moment of it.
Later I designed a line of denim for LA company, but my designs were deemed too complicated. Quilted details and pockets, studs and leather trims were too advanced for 2008! Who is laughing now?
3.  What made you decide to go in to children’s fashion?
Reviewing hundreds of brands made me allergic to an introduction along the lines of “desperate to find hip, funky, classy, contemporary, chic, stylish (underline as applicable) clothes for my kid that fitted my style philosophy I set out on a quest to transform the gloomy, boring wasteland of the boys’ clothing into the blooming oasis of style and creativity”.
So, this tagline rings true to my case with only one difference…when I started almost 5 years ago, we didn’t have all these hyper amazing brands, daring styles and impossibly hip little sartorialists, gracing IG feeds and Pinterest boards.
Pink was a battle of genders, and don’t even mention leggings, harem pants, patent leather and metallics. Blasphemy! Since then, kids’ fashion and especially boys’ fashion underwent tremendous changes and watching new generation of boldly styled and beautifully photographed kids fills me with delight just as the thought that I was fortunate to be a part of this style revolution. I can now retire with the sense of deep satisfaction. My son is not so keen on being photographed (to put it mildly) now and I have no say in putting his outfits together. I can only throw myself in his way, hissing “over my dead body” when his concoction is downright hideous! BUT that’s about it.
4.  Do you have any favourite childrenswear brands?
Oh… this is an extremely difficult question and will take me a few days to answer: Molo, Soft Gallery, MAA Shoes, Retour Denim De Luxe, Bor*x, Morley, Scotch Shrunk, Ocra, Zeccino D’Oro, Gugguu, Angulus, Zara, Hebe, Anne Kurris, PÈPÈ, Kik Kid, Finger in the Nose, Talc, Fore! Axel & Hudson, J.Crew Crewcuts That’s just to name a few otherwise we will be here forever.
5.  What are your fashion essentials?
Definitely glam sweatpants, or track pants, or whatever those super comfy pants with drawstring waistbands are called. They can be silk, cotton, printed, solid or with a tuxedo stripe – I’ll take them all!
Shoes and accessories are definitely my weak spot! I can never have enough!
Thank you so much for joining both Julia and myself on this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday! Don’t forget to check out Join me next week for some more chinwagging
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Post by Kate Hill from Circus London Pr.
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