Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Amanda Rabor from Isossy Kids

IsossyShoot-intro.jpgGood morning Chit chat Tuesday readers! How lucky have we been? Two weekends running of glorious weather!! I hope that you were all able to take advantage of it! I was definitely out there making the most of those stunning rays!! Fingers crossed we are not being teased and that the warmer weather is here to stay…

This week on CCT I am joined by Amanda Rabor, designer and owner of childrenswear brand Isossy children!!

Amanda thank you so much for joining us today on CCT! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…

I’m a global citizen who was born in the UK, raised in Brooklyn New York and London and from Nigerian and Trinidadian parentage. Each of these cultural contributions have created me into a global citizen. I love the diversity and experiences it’s given me as I feel a close affinity with all of them.

What made you decide to go in to childrenswear?

I think it was calling for me. It’s just something I had to do. My dream is to have all children wearing culturally diverse clothing.

My focus is African, Asian and Western influences contemporized for children globally.

cct_isossy_400_4.jpgWhere did the name Isossy come from?

I made it up. I was playing with both mine and my husband’s names. Isossy is an amalgamation of one of my Nigerian middle names, shortened to Isi and my husband’s name Osmond, shortened to Ossy. Isossy was born.

What influences the garments?

I incorporate African, Asian and Western cultures to create contemporary clothing that all children can wear.

The inspiration is transcending cultural barriers and opening it up for all children. I really believe it’s empowering for children to see cultural influences of some of the people around them, on TV or in their day-to-day expression.

I feel that this in turn promotes inclusion and understanding. I hope that Isossy Children can contribute to the upcoming of generations.

Do you use certain types of fabrics?

The fabrics are mixed. I use a lot of cotton because it’s natural and fortunately used a lot in African fabrics. I use vibrant Asian silks for some dresses, chiffons, cotton satin and jerseys. I preferably like to use natural fabrics.

Do you have to have a unique sense of style to shop in Isossy?

To me every child is an Isossy child. We’ve worked really hard to create a line that kids can identify with in terms of fashion and styling. We’ve created different collections: Isossy Play, Isossy Classic, Isossy Occasion, Isossy Tween and Isossy Boy and Isossy Baby. The idea is that the personality of the child will be drawn to one of the collections.

Where can individuals shop Isossy Children?

Isossy is available globally and online at

We sell all over the world. That’s what I love about the internet. It opens up everything to everyone.

We’re also launching in a couple of key shops in global cities this year. We’ll keep you posted. It’s exciting times!!

That’s very exciting! You must be very busy! Are the pieces for both boys and girls?

Girlswear has always flowed for me but boys has been more challenging. I find I have to focus on boyswear more. I like mixing up textile patterns for boys.

Our SS14 range is really expanding on the boys range. There are also more shirts and suits for babies as well. I’m also exploring new colours which are softer shades than I’ve used in the past. I love creating bold print suits for both boys and girls like the Tomboy girls suit and the Omo boys suit.

Why should people buy Isossy Children?

We’re a unique brand. Our clothes are lovingly hand-made in the UK and if you want something different and not mainstream, Isossy Children is the brand to try!


What do you feel the childrenswear market is lacking at the moment?

I actually think the childrenswear market is pretty amazing at the moment and Isossy Children fills the cultural gap very nicely well. We’re striking the balance and offering choice for parents and children.

What are your fashion essentials?

I love quirky shoes and coloured tights. I love intelligent creative dressing.
Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I’m working on getting Isossy Children known a lot more. So, I am planning to travel and spread the word. We’ll be doing some Pop-Up events in London too over the summer.

That would be great if you were able to arrange a Pop-up! What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

I wouldn’t quite say it’s been given to me, but I’ve observed and experienced the power of self belief and visualization. You need a steely determination and vision to succeed and when you least expect it, it happens.

I am with you on that one Amanda!

Why not check Isossy Children out online and let us know what your favourite item is!

Thank you so much for joining both Amanda and myself on this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday! Join me next week for a whole lot more of chinwagging

Images from SW reproduced with permission of Amanda Rabor from Isossy Kids

Photographer:  Gerard Mensah

Stylist: Anita Whittaker

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