Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Nicole Frobusch from Nixie Clothing

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Hi to THE ya Chit Chat Tuesday readers! I hope that you have all had a fabulous week and have enjoyed the change in weather! I decided to brave it this week and have stopped wearing so many layers and I am very pleased to say that I have not been suffering! The warm weather is on its way – I can feel it my bones!!

This week on CCT is bundles of energy Nicole Frobusch from childrenswear brand Nixie Clothing. I met Nicole just before Christmas after she came in to the Circus London PR showroom for a very exciting meeting! AND from that day our paths have been crossing ever since!

So please join me in welcoming Nicole on to CCT!

cct nixie trousersNicole it seems like only yesterday I saw you at Playtime! How time flies! As always, let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself…

It’s crazy how quickly time is flying at the moment! Ok well, I spent my childhood in Germany with my parents. My father is German and my mother is Italian. Then for my teenage years we up rooted and moved to Italy. When I was then old enough to look after myself I moved to London to study contemporary and expressive dance.

I then joined a band which was very exciting! I recorded some albums and toured until I was pregnant with my first daughter Ivy.
I married a rock drummer and became a Mum!

What made you decide to go in to childrenswear?

It was never a decision as such that I made as it just kind of happened organically after the birth of my daughters. I was so fed up with not being able to find ‘cool and sustainable’ clothes. The only items that were available were pink or baby blue and mass produced in appalling circumstances!
I just had to do something about the lack of childrenswear clothing available and this is what inspired me to set up my own brand!

Where did the name Nixie clothing come from?

Nixie is a mythical water creature in Germanic folk tales. I thought that it would be good to bring some of my background in to the brand so that I there would be a story to tell when people asked!

Tell us about the brand…

When we launched in 2008 we only used vintage and reconditioned fabrics but have now moved on into using new organic and natural fabrics.

Nixie has received a vast amount of press coverage which we are very fortunate as well as appreciative for! It is the best feeling seeing your products being appreciated by members of the public as well as influential members of press. We also have a reputation of being trendsetters within the industry which is fab!

We have established ourselves as a high end brand which is cool, luxurious and sustainable!

It’s very exciting when all of your hard work starts to pay off! Where do you draw inspiration from as a designer?

Every Collection has a story!

SS14 was inspired by Oceans. I looked at the lightness of movement as seen by jelly fish as well as other fish in the water and came up with a varied selection of designs created in soft jersey accents with floral chiffons! I also wanted to emphasize the importance to save our seas!
AW14/15 was inspired by geometry and American/Indian folklore.
cct nixie babiekins
What celeb would you love to see wearing your pieces?

Little Ivy Blue Carter! She is just as fab as her Mum!

I am with you on that one! Queen Bey is one hot Mama! How do you want individuals to feel wearing your pieces?

I want them to feel comfortable, playful and special! Those are three very key factors to me when I am designing the collections!

You’ve just done playtime Paris and dot to dot – what other projects have you got lined up?

After dot to dot I will have a holiday! It has been such a busy time recently that it will be nice to have some down time to relax before the next project which will be working on SS15! I can’t wait!
cct nixie headband

Can you give us any exclusive info on the AW14 collection?
Yes I can! All of the fabrics are sourced in the UK and the production is done here in London! It makes my job a little bit easier as I can be really hands! It’s excellent as I can overlook the quality and finishing process which is very important to me.

Where can individuals buy your pieces from?

They can either buy directly through us online at
Or, they can go through our stockists which are placed all over the world! You can check out all of the places online on our official website! Shop, shop away!!

Thank you so much for joining both Nicole and I on this week’s CCT! I hate to say it but I am jetting off to Spain to visit my family with Papa H for a couple of days! Wishing you lots of kisses and sunshine!

Join me next week for some more chinwagging <3 Kate –x-

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