Environmentally Conscious Clothing from Nico Nico

CCT Interview with Nico Nico

With a decade in Womenswear design, high fashion editorial and styling under her belt, Sue Tsai decided to create her children’s clothing label Nico Nico, soon after her son Nico was born.  Nico Nico’s philosophy that kids’ clothing can be modern, comfortable, and environmentally conscious, shines through in each garment.

We are thrilled to have Sue Tsai, from LA-based womenswear and children’s clothing label, Nico Nico join us for this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday.

CCT Interview with Nico Nico

J.S: We love the cool; modern vibe we get from Nico Nico! What is the story behind the label?

S.T: I started the line with a good girlfriend of mine a few years after my son Nico was born. I found that there was a lack of children’s clothes coming out of the US with a simple, classic and timeless aesthetic. Both my friend and I had a design background and thought it would be great to start something together! In 2009, the company that is now “Nico Nico” was born.

J.S: How do you come up with the unique styles and edgy patterns that we see in Nico Nico’s collections?

S.T: I always design what I feel at the moment, using ideas that encompass my lifestyle. I keep the styles simple but I create interesting elements in each piece whether it’s with the fabric or cut.

CCT Interview with Nico Nico

J.S: It’s always great to find brands that are environmentally conscious, can you talk us through your ethical production methods?

S.T: Keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum is key for us! There is so much consumption and waste in this industry and I try to do my part to keep this to a minimal as much as possible. All of our clothes are proudly designed and fabricated in downtown Los Angeles.

I try and use fabrics that are local, organic and surplus (overstock). Our contractors and vendors are within a five-mile radius from the office, our dye process is reduced to a minimum due to water shortage in CA and our packing philosophy is different from most companies as we do not individually wrap each garment. Our employees are mindful with recycling and only use what is needed to reduce daily waste. Quality, value and respect for our environment are paramount to our mission.

Nico Nico Interview

J.S: You design for both women and children, what would you say is the biggest difference that you have to take into consideration when creating clothing for women versus children?

S.T: Designing for children and women alike can be a challenge at times because not all fabrics and cuts apply to both. That’s what makes this a fun and creative process.

J.S: Do you have any plans for any collaborations or is there any upcoming news you can share with us?

J.S: We are very excited to be working together with Hansel from Basel again. Our last collaboration was well received and we will continue to expand our accessories line in AW17.

Nico Nico Interview

J.S: What is one must-have piece from your current collection for kids this season?

S.T: Oh that’s hard to say… I have a few favourites from this season. For boys, I would say the Saturn Striped Jumpsuit and for girls the Athena Speckled dress. This was a great season to design… it’s very different from the past collections.  Please see the images below of my favourites …….

CCT Interview with Nico Nico


Nico Nico Interview

J.S: And one thing I’ve personally always been dying to know, how do you come up with the names for each individual piece of clothing? Is there a method behind it?

S.T: Every collection has a theme. With that theme in mind, we name each style once it is finished and hanging. In a way,  the items sort of come to life and speak to us 🙂

Nico Nico Interview


Nico Nico is sold a Mo+Me Kids in the US & Busy and the Boy here in the UK or visit  www.niconicoclothing.com to find your local store.


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