Fin & Zee: Preparing for the Christmas Holidays

Fin & Zee: A Christmas Story

Sarah Kirk and family live in a village in Virginia, USA. Sarah loves to explore the Virginia countryside with children Luc & Daisy but as winter takes hold and damp cold days loom new adventures are found within the home too.  Scroll down to view a guest feature by Sarah.

Sarah’s Instagram account shows her day to day musings with her 2 children. Follow Sarah on Instagram @godsavethescene.

Fin & Zee: A Christmas Story

Now that the days are so short and can often be quite dreary, our time outside is limited. We bundle up and go for a walk most days unless it’s really pouring. The children are both at good ages where they can play independently, Luc much more so. Luc goes to the local Montessori nursery three mornings each week.

When we are at home together, we always have a project. The children love to build and create. It could be blocks or just an empty cardboard box. We are always cooking and baking, and Luc loves to help with work in the kitchen. Daisy loves to taste and feel everything!

Fin & Zee: A Christmas Story This week we made gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa whilst listening to Christmas carols. Luc’s enthusiasm for the holidays is infectious. I’ll be in another room and hear him belting out a solo rendition of Jingle Bells and it always makes us giggle. He’s a performer. Most nights he’ll have us sit on the sofa while he climbs up on the hearth (his stage) to sing. It’s usually some crazy freestyle that we can barely understand, but his dance moves are the real showstopper!

Fin & Zee: A Christmas Story

When it comes to dressing the children, I always prefer to shop small. I only put the children in natural fibres, most of their wardrobe is cotton, linen and merino wool. Because they grow quickly at these ages, we need versatile quality pieces which can be worn hard outside and around the house, but still look darling when I run to shops and the post office.

Fin & Zee: A Christmas Story

I love Fin & Zee for their beautiful fabrics and easy style, with fun little details and pops of colour. I especially like their denim pieces, which are milled in Japan and sewn in England. They can be layered over a linen top in the spring or over thick wool knits this time of year. Even with the fire going and furnace up, some rooms of the house can be frigid no matter what, so we are always bundled up in several layers and these styles are perfect for that. Shop the Fin & Zee gender-neutral collection.


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