Hampstead Adventures in Cosy Cloud Kids

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Jessica Dickinson of the beautiful children’s lifestyle blog Blake Acres shares her love of classic children’s wear brand Cosy Cloud Kids on the Junior Style blog today. Jessica and her Boston-based family are spending the summer in London and we adore keeping up with their adventures around town, like this outing to Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @blakeacres

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On a cloudy day, we took a magical journey to the Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens. Just far enough from the city that few people pass through, the girls had free reign to make-believe in the most enchanting of places. With the darling village of Hampstead just a short walk down the hill, many hours can be spent exploring this area.

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On our outing the girls wore Cosy Cloud Kids, a London-based brand born from one mother’s ode to her Baltic heritage, that recreates unique pieces from childhood memories. Designer Greta has reinvented folk for the modern child with her new line of handmade knitwear and curated pieces from around the globe.

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These pieces transport us to the Baltics, an epicenter of embroidery and hand knit wonders. I immediately became smitten with this collection, which has satisfied deep cravings for items reminiscent of my own Eastern European heritage. It goes without saying, everyone can use a little folk in their life.

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The Hand Knitted Regina Skirt is a timeless garment with great personality and charm.  The striking aqua color brings the perfect amount of sunshine to an otherwise overcast London day.

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Paired with the Smocked Loris Blouse, a pair of the ever-classic Zimmerman Scallop Mary Janes, and there you have the perfect ensemble for a make-believe garden party. Little sister looks equally as charming in her Liberty Print Daria Dress. Simplicity, ease of wear and timelessness characterize these wonderful pieces.

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Surely we’ll be back again soon, on another cloudy day!

All photos courtesy of Jessica Dickinson and Blake Acres.

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