Meet Independent Children’s Clothing Brand Gecko Clothing.

blog geko intro imageWe’ve had Gecko Clothing on our radar for a while now; founded on 4 basic principles their mission is to create clothing that is funky, colourful and unisex, ethical and eco-friendly, practical and hardwearing and that does not cost the earth.

However, as a small family run business they have been slow to launch a full range of clothing.  Last month Gecko clothing launched their #clothesthegap campaign.

Gecko clothing launched their #clothesthegap campaign and it is their aim to raise the funds for the manufacture of some of their new inspiring and funky designs through offering pre-orders through crowdfunding.  With a nice variety of rewards available and reasonable prices we were impressed.  They have released 3 fabric designs based on nature, science and space.
blog geko fabric collage

The three New pints from Gecko Clothing.

Gecko Clothing asked their followers what themed designs they would like to see and the above 3 were the overwhelming reply. We caught up with Gecko this weekend and asked them why they thought these themes topped out. This is what Emma ‘The Gecko’ Davidson had to say:
“There’s a growing frustration. Parents are fed up. For too long themes like dinosaurs, space and science been reserved for the boys’ aisles. It seems to us that girls get the colourful options and boys get the inspiring themes. We think a mix of both, available to all is a much better idea and it’s clear that we’re not alone in this. There is no logical reason that kids clothes and toys should be gendered . It just segregates children, perpetuates gender stereotypes and halts gender equality by creating a divide for the next generation.”

Gecko are offering their space and science trousers from ages 6-12 months up to 7-8 years. This makes them pretty unique to the children’s clothing market and it’s no wonder they have been experiencing interest in stocking them from retailers.
blog geko trouser collage

The two trousers of offer in the New print.

blog geko Woodland Dungarees The Nature Dungarees.

They also have their nature dungarees. These are what they plan on ‘crowd creating’. They are giving every backer a voice to help them finalise the design:

blog geko infographic1

Gecko Clothing is using a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) registered factory that is sourcing Fairtrade Organic cotton grown within a 40km radius of the factory, thus keeping their carbon footprint down. They also use SheepPooPaperTM and plantable wild seed paper hangtags which we were very curious to find out more about. Firstly, why? Why sheep poo?

“We wanted something that was memorable and caught people’s attention. We want to highlight our transparency of manufacture and help to make this the norm. Who wouldn’t investigate Sheep poo? Sheep only digest 50% of the cellulose fibres it eats. SheepPooPaperTM is made from completely sterilised poop, then washed over days and reduced to usable fibres then mixed with other recycled pulps to make clean recycled paper. So it’s just the same as any recycled paper.”

Passionate about the plight of the humble bumble bee they also have a plantable wild seed paper for kids to pop into a pot. They link this back to some cool stuff for kids to do to help and take an interest in their own garden starting with growing their very own bug buffet!

In short we think there’s a lot of reasons to get behind these guys, they are really passionate about making changes in the way business interacts with society and they are a shining example. They have until the 24th of June to make their target of £13,000 so do pop over and offer them your support:

For Further details visit:

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