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Unisex in kids clothing is quickly becoming a trend, and it is not hard to see why.

My friend, a mother of two boys and a girl, has told me recently that she considers unisex clothes to be a “capsule wardrobe” for her kids. My friend invests in classic, good quality basics which can be worn by both her boys and her daughter and adds a few trendy (and often pink!) pieces that her little girl loves each season.

What are the advantages for Cool Unisex Clothing?

The advantages for cool unisex styling are clear to see, but my freind’s approach has prompted me to think of another aspect of unisex trend which, sometimes, is less obvious.  By buying timeless, quality pieces she is not only looking after the family’s budget, but also after the environment. Green credentials of the unisex fashion are rarely considered, but if you think about how many items of cheap “throw away” clothing one good unisex piece can replace, they become a lot more obvious.

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The number of brands which are responding to the demand for unisex continues to increase. Some, like Tootsa MacGuinty, have unisex at their very core. Many others now actively incorporate unisex pieces in their collections. Aravore has a number of brilliant pieces this season that will look equially stylish and charming on boys and girls. Its poplin carrot-leg trousers have been a popular unisex staple this Spring and we can see them remaining a bestseller throughout Summer. FUB is another classic brand that specialises in classic unisex pieces that are gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to wear.  Both Imps and Elfs and Mini A Ture offer a wide selection of chic pieces with unisex appeal.

I know there are plenty of mothers of girls out there who will never be able to persuade their daughters to wear anything other than pink.  However, I hope with some styling tweaks most little girls will love a combination of pretty and practical that the unisex approach offers…… And there is so much more room for imagination and creativity when putting the unisex looks together.

So have fun, think outside the box and go creative!

What are your favourite Brands that sell Unisex clothing?

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  • Hi I bought something from The Panda and the Sparrow a few weeks ago, it is delightful bamboo clothing for babies and toddlers. Was also unisex which is just so refreshing

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