F is for Family: A Stylish Guide to Elevate Your Festive Wardrobe.

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the Holidays

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the HolidaysA Stylish Guide to Elevate Your Festive Wardrobe. 10 tips for coordinating your family’s outfits this festive season.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to create memories with your loved ones, whether you’re capturing cherished family moments, enjoying cozy dinners, or attending special events. Coordinating your family’s outfits can be a powerful way to express unity while allowing each personality to shine through. It’s not just about dressing everyone in the same outfits; it’s about harmonizing color palettes to achieve a balanced yet individualized look.

The key to successful coordination is striking a balance between uniformity and individual expression. By focusing on color palettes rather than identical outfits, each family member can maintain their distinctive style while contributing to the overall sense of togetherness.

This festive season, let fashion be a tool for both showcasing unity and celebrating individuality within your family. By skillfully harmonizing personalities through thoughtfully selected color palettes, you can create beautiful, lasting memories that reflect the love, warmth, and togetherness that define the holiday season.


10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the Holidays

Stylish Guide: 10 tips for coordinating your family’s outfits this festive season.

  1. Choose a Dominant Color: Start by selecting a dominant color that sets the tone for the entire family’s attire. This color will serve as the foundation for your coordinated look.
  2. Personalized Accessories: Encourage family members to express their individual personalities through accessories like scarves, hats, belts, or jewelry. These accents can showcase their unique style within the chosen color palette.
  3. Mix and Match Textures: Experiment with different fabric textures, such as wool, silk, or velvet, while sticking to the same color palette. This adds depth and interest to your outfits while accommodating diverse preferences.
  4. Subtle Prints and Patterns: Incorporate subtle prints or patterns within the chosen color scheme. This allows family members to infuse their distinctive style while maintaining color coordination.
  5. Collaborate as a Family: Make the process of selecting a color palette a family affair. Discuss the color options together and consider each family member’s input to ensure inclusivity.
  6. Dress for the Occasion: Keep the purpose of the coordinated outfits in mind. Select attire that is appropriate for the event, whether it’s a casual family dinner or a formal holiday gathering.
  7. Consider the Environment: Take the setting and background into account when choosing colors. Ensure that your coordinated outfits complement the environment, especially when taking family photos.
  8. Create a Style Mood Board: Compile visual inspiration and ideas for your coordinated outfits on a mood board. This can help everyone visualize the desired look and feel of the ensemble.
  9. Plan Ahead: Start planning your coordinated outfits well in advance to allow ample time for shopping and alterations if needed. This prevents last-minute stress and ensures everyone has their desired clothing.
  10. Embrace Individuality: Remember that the goal is to harmonize your family’s appearance while preserving each person’s unique style. Strike a balance between uniformity and individual expression for a truly personalized yet united look.

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the Holidays

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the Holidays

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the Holidays

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the Holidays

10 tips Family Wardrobe Guide for the HolidaysStylish Guide: Festive Wardrobe.

Photographer: Ross Bolger, represented by Angeli & Co @angeliandco
Stylist: Sharon Agricole @sharonagricolestyle
Models, Zurielle, represented by Bonnie and Betty. And Aaron, Amaris and Zariah @teiko_plus_kids and @life.with.zurielle
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Wardrobe credits:

Back row: Amaris wears striped lurex dress, Stella McCartney kids. Hairclips, Kanel
Zurielle wears a pink sequin dress, Marc Jacobs, from Harrods. Socks, Adidas X Wales Bonner. Mules, Crocs. Hairclips, all Kanel
Zariah wears sequin top as dress, Stella McCartney. Tights, stylist’s own. Hairclips, Kanel
Aaron wears striped top, The Middle Daughter. Corduroy trousers, Mini Boden, Socks, from a selection, Burlington. Mules, Crocs
From left: Zariah wears Velvet dress, The Middle Daughter. Tights, Next. Shoes, Pepa London. Pearls in hair, from ebay
Zurielle wears dress by The Middle Daughter. Socks, Sockshop. Shoes, Next. Pearls in hair, ebay
Amaris wears a sequin dress, Whistles Kids. Pearl hairclips, stylist own. Tights, Next. Slippers, Sheepers
Zurielle wears a tweed sequin coat, Guess Kids. Velvet playsuit, Monsoon Kids. Tights, Next. Pearl necklace worn in hair as a hairband, pearl necklace draped on shoulders, all from New Look
From Left: Zurielle is wearing pearls in her hair, from ebay. Hairclip, Kanel. Sunglasses, Guess Kids. Dress, The Middle Daughter. Corsage, VV Rouleaux. Socks, Pretty Polly. Shoes, Next
Aaron wears  a woolly hat, Everlane. Scarf, stylist’s own. Velvet bomber jacket, Monsoon Kids. Trousers, and loafers, both Next
From left: Zurielle wears netting in hair, John Lewis. Pink tiered dress, Mini Boden. Tights, Next. Mules, Crocs
Amaris wear bow in hair, stylist’s own. Dress, Stella McCartney. Tights, Next. Slippers, Sheepers.
Zariah wears dress, Whistles Kids. Tights, Next. Hair corsage, V V Rouleaux
Aaron wears sequin hat, Monsoon Kids. Cardigan, Mini Boden. Corduroy trousers, Marc Jacobs, at Alex and Alexa. Mules, Crocs
Amaris wears tweed jacket and matching dress, both Guess Kids. Bow hairclips, Meri Meri. Other hairclips, Kanel. Tights and shoes, Next
Zurielle wear a black dress by the Middle Daughter. sun visor, stylist’s own, Corsage, V V Rouleaux. Tights, and shoes, both Next.
Aaron wears a shirt and trousers, both Next. Pearl collar, stylist’s own
Amaris wears sequin headband by Maison Ava. Dress, and tights, both Next. Boots, models own
Zariah wears a headband, Monsoon Kids. Dress and shoes,  Pepa London.Tights, Next
Zurielle wear a headband by Rockhula Kids. Dress, Mini Boden
Aaron wear shirt, and matching trousers, Monnalisa, at Alex and Alexa. Black ribbon, John Lewis
Amaris wears hairband as collar, Paperchase, at Amazon. Dress, Guess Kids. Hairclips, stylist’s own.
Zariah wears red dress, Next
Zurielle wear leather cape, Gabriel et Valentin. Sequin dress, Abel & Lula. Pyjama bottoms, Primark. shoes, Next. Hairband, stylist’s own.
Stylish Guide Festive Wardrobe.

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