The Next Generation of Teddy Bears


Every Mum knows how important a Teddy could be for young children. It replaces Mummy when she is not here and has magical powers to eliminate any form of stress.

It’s a a child’s transitional object that brings comfort and confidence in all situations. It helps kids to grow up and learn to be self-sufficient.

So it’s crucial to find the right Teddy for your Baby, the one that will become his Best Friend, that will never be left behind. That’s why I am really excited to present the next generation of Teddies invented by the French brand Pioupiou & Merveilles.

Pioupiou 3.0 from Pioupiou & Merveilles is the next generation of baby soft toys. Press the paw of these interactive teddys, or connect them to your mobile device, and they will follow your rules of the game! They also have long and thin arms so they are easy to cuddle, easy to grab by the tiny little hands, and so convenient to carry everywhere!

Let’s become confident without Mummy!


Baby will get the ultimate comfort from this Teddy as he will be able to hear mum and dad’s voices recorded in his teddy bear and soon baby will be the one leaving you messages. Award winning Teddy at Babycool Fair in Paris!

Let’s play Hide and seek!


Peek-a-boo means “Coucou” in French. Press the paw of this Pioupiou Teddy bear and Baby will be able to play hide-an-seek for over 30 seconds. Famous psychologist Jean Piaget demonstrated that infants are unable to understand object permanence and showed the importance of Peek-a-boo games or other games involving a “vanishing person” or object.

Let’s Rock! Become a Music Lover!


Particularly, for young children, music can enhance personal, social and educational development so find the best tunes, create your baby’s playslist and plug it to the Teddy Bear. Whether you want baby to dance with a stimulating music or go to bed with his favourite lullaby, this teddy could become your child’s best companion.

This week only, these interactive teddies and other activity soft toys from Pioupiou et Merveilles   are exclusively on Tendre Deal Boutique.

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