Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Sarah Cooper from the Fableists

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Sarah & Matt Cooper from The Fableists.

Good morning Chit Chat Tuesday readers! I don’t know about you but my oh my has it been a busy week! Over the weekend, we were working at Selfridges holding events for some of our brands which were very exciting! However, I am very much looking forward to the long weekend as I am going home to Norfolk to visit my friends and family! I will be saying good bye to the craziness of London and saying hello to fresh air and countryside!

On Chit Chat Tuesday today I catch up with childrenswear brand The Fableists! Not only do I get to find out all of the inside info about the brand, I also talk to them about the short videos they are about to release very shortly that are linked with the tragic burning down of the factory in Bangladesh.

Sarah! Thank you so much for joining both myself and the CCT readers today! What made you decide to go in to childrenswear?

My husband, Matt, and I have four children between us. They range in age from 5 to almost 17 and are growing like weeds!! Therefore, the purchase and care of kids clothes consumes much of our lives!

We couldn’t bear the idea that our kids were wearing clothes made by other kids. We also think that kids are just naturally cool. They are simply who they are, and comfortable in their own skin. They all like to play and be outside, so they need clothes that allow them freedom of movement and also self-expression.

Our clothes are classics and will never be out of style! Kids can customise them with their own creative flair.

Our kids are the consumers of the future. If they can learn about where their clothes are made, by whom and out of which materials now, they will make better buying decisions of their own, when the time comes. 

I think it’s great the fact that you want to teach young kids about where their clothes come from! Why the name The Fableists?

We were always very clear that we wanted to tell the story and provenance of our clothes. We think the story is as important as the quality and design. At the same time, we wanted to use our story to pass on a message, or moral. That is how we came to the idea of fables.

There is soon to be another aspect of our business as we plan to put a percentage of our profits in to producing books for kids both at home UK and in India, where our clothes are made and where kids might not have access to reading materials.

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Tell us about the brand….
The Fableists brand combines great, classic design with eco and ethical ethos. But The Fableists is more than just kid’s clothes.
We are a lifestyle brand that aims to educate kids (and their slower to catch on parents!) about where their clothes come from, how to buy well and how to care for the clothes so that they last longer.
We promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage parents to get their kids outside and exploring their environment – whatever that may be.
We think kids are cool and creative and that they have their own minds about things. A big part of our brand is the passing on of clothes. We think of The Fableists clothes as ‘future vintage’ because we’ve made them tough enough to last more than for just one kid. The garments are mostly unisex and ‘un-seasonal’ so that they are perfect for any kid, anywhere, any time!

I’m all about the healthy lifestyle so I am with you on wanting to promote that to kiddies! Where do you get your inspiration from for the collections?
Our clothes are heavily inspired by vintage work wear. We come from the advertising industry and there is a ‘look’ that is favoured by creative individuals and our clothes reflect this.
We have a terrific designer, Kate Williams who is able to take all of the ideas that everyone comes in with and weave her own unique designs from them.

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I understand that you’re launching a short video to coincide with what happened in Bangladesh and the factory burning down? Why did you decide to launch the video?

Yes we are launching a couple of short brand films. One called ‘The Epic Thread’ tells the story of a girl who tugs on a thread on her t-shirt, which then takes her on a journey to discover where her t-shirt was made.
It is being animated by Oscar winning VFX company The Mill and was written by the creatives at our advertising agency and partner, Brothers and Sisters. The second is the first in a series of films spearheaded by director Olivier Venturini of Great Guns films. These films will look at kids all over the world who have a special passion for something. The first follows an 8 year old skateboarder from London. These kids are true Fableists, who have a passion for something and follow their dreams.
The film with the skateboarder will launch soon and for the month leading up to April 24th, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse, a percentage of all our sales will go to Raising for Rana. This event is being put on by Rainbow Collective, a documentary film company who are releasing a film called ‘Tears in the Fabric’ on the 24th with a charity auction and event (details are at

The films will be very touching due to the meaning but I am looking forward to seeing them! What do you hope the video will achieve?

The film will contain a call to action to get people thinking about the clothes they are buying and where they came from.

Do you feel a personal connection with what happened in Bangladesh?

I don’t have a personal connection to Bangladesh but I would like to do my part to make sure that something like that doesn’t happen again.

When will the video be launched?

Very soon!! In the next week!
Have you been to Bangladesh before?
Our factories are all in India and we’ve visited them and inspected them ourselves. We chose India because my husband fell in love with the country on his travels there for our other business in advertising. We were lucky to find farmers and factories there who met our requirements.
I agree, India is an amazing country! What can people do in order to support the cause?
If you visit you can view the charity auction items, which have been donated by a number of ethical companies.
All proceeds from this auction will go to War on Want who give the money directly to those affected by the Rana Plaza disaster. 20% of all of The Fableists sales until April 24th will go to this charity.

Where are your collections produced?

Our clothes are made in a factory near Kolkata, India. The cotton is grown by a collective of organic farmers in India.

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Can you tell us about the AW14 Fableists collection?
Our collections don’t follow the seasons but our next collection includes a unisex sweatshirt, a beautiful blue denim jacket, a very cute new denim dress, a pair of unisex trousers, girls shorts to wear over tights or with bare legs and a couple of tops. Of course, we will also have another selection of artist-designed t-shirts. We see our clothes as ‘un-seasonal’ collections which, together, build a wardrobe.

I think it is great how you get artists on board to help you with the collections! What other projects have you got lined up?
We are thinking ahead to our next collections. We have the two films which are almost finished and more in the works. We are building a directory of sustainable kids clothing companies and lots more on the horizon.

Sounds like you guys have your hands full at the moment! Where can individuals purchase The Fableists garments?

At the moment, they are only available from our web site at
People…definitely check it out! I love the brand and I think that the campaign imagery is fab! I think that it’s great how you are trying to increase awareness of where garments are produced and encouraging individuals to take an interest! Fingers crossed individuals will start to do so!

Stay tuned guys as the videos will soon be release! Thank you to The Fableists for joining me on todays CCT! Join me next week for lots more chinwagging! AND I hope that you all have a fabulous fun-filled Easter weekend! Sending you big hugs and kisses <3 Kate

Images courtesy of the Fabelists.  Thank you Sarah!

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