Chit Chat Tuesday: Tallia Storm

Tallia Storm

Today on Chit Chat Tuesday I am joined by the beautifully talented Tallia Storm!! Tallia is an absolute delight and I am so pleased to be joined by her today! Enjoy!!

Kate: Thank you so much for joining me today Tallia! Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself…

Tallia: Well I’ve just turned 15 and I guess you could say I’m a singer, blogger and fashion lover! I am one of 4 children with my big sister Tessie who is 16 yrs and who also styles me and my 2 little brothers Johnnie aged 9 and Zac aged 6. Our house is always crazy – fun but crazy and yes very noisy!

Kate: How did you get in to singing? Tell us about the journey so far…

Tallia: I suppose i have been singing since i was a child. I have been brought up with music being a big part of my life as my dad plays jazz piano, bass guitar and flute so is always jamming at home and writing songs. My mum is addicted to Motown, R&B and that kind of things so there is was always loud music at home – whether my dad on piano playing jazz legends or my mum dancing to Chic in the kitchen whilst cooking dinner. I started to sing properly I guess when I was about 11, almost 12 and doing local events and things and then I was asked to do a radio roadshow and open some kids stores which was fun. Then one year i was on holiday in the USA with my parents and grandparents and saw Sir Elton John’s partner having breakfast in the same place as us so I thought heh, when is Glasgow girl ever going to be in a situation like this. So I took the bull by the horns, wrote a quick letter and asked him to if he would kindly pass on my CD to Elton. He was so nice and we chatted and promised to do so. The next day we were travelling home to the UK and Sir Elton called my mobile told me i had one of the best soul signatures he had heard in years and wanted me to open his concert in a football stadium in Scotland – I was just 13 years old. So I did. It was a game changer for me. When I stood on that massive stage, slightly petrified but at the same time loving every second and knowing this was what i wanted to do. Since that went into the public domain i have been fortunate enough to travel the world, building up my experience and live event side of things and just working really hard I guess. It’s been amazing.

Tallia Storm

Kate: Do you have a routine before going on stage?

Tallia: Yes I have asthma and it’s rubbish living in Scotland as it’s so damp, so I will always have my puffers with me and i do a lot of yoga breathing and I have a good vocal warm up session that i do for anything between 45 mins and over an hour before I go on stage. I also don’t like to speak to anyone – at all and can get quite angry (so my big sister says) but when I am stage I’m cool. That’s just me I guess.

Kate: Who is your icon and why? 

Tallia: Apart from my nanny who passed away this year and indeed my own mum, I would have to say i have many. I love Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga and the old Hollywood greats. I love ladies that are not puppets and who don’t follow trends but create their own individuality – that’s what it’s about and of course having fun with fashion.

Kate: What’s your favourite fashion brand and why?

Tallia: Gosh I have so many – I’m addicted to fashion from high street, to vintage and of course designer. I love brands like New Look, H&M, River Island, Accessorzie and Supertrash. When I earn enough money (one day) i would invest in key pieces from top designers like Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Chris Kane.  But for now I’m big into supporting new fashion talent and my sis and i love to seek out the hottest young designers from different cities that we visit. I found these amazing designers from Parsons School of Design in New York and wore them when i was out there and I discovered Moises Nieto when I was in Madrid and Scotland has so many incredible young designers. From Jacob Birge to Jennifer Morris, Henrietta Ludgate to Hayley Scanlan and accessory guys like William Chambers, Bonnie Bling and Bebaroque. I feel as if the young guns are all on the same part of their journey as I am – all reaching for the stars so I think its good to support each other.

Kate: What’s the best thing in your career that you have done to date?

Tallia: I don’t think I could say just one – certainly opening for Sir Elton John was mega for me and changed my world but then the legend that is Nile Rodgers invited me to speak and perform at TEDXTEEN in New York which was kinda awesome. But given my mum’s love of Chic and all of Nile’s work I think she nearly had a heart attack. I think he was also pleasantly surprised to find a 14 year old who knew his entire repertoire – he’s an awesome and hugely talented guy. Then I performed at the Teen Choice Awards After Party in Hollywood and that was cool so they would be my top 3 I think.

Kate: You’ve accomplished so much already and you’re only 15! What’s next for Tallia Storm?

Tallia: Just to keep going, I love singing, it’s what I do, it’s all I want to do wherever and whenever I can. I want to fill stadiums, travel the world and share my music – am I a dreamer? – of course, but what’s life without dreams!

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks Chit Chat Tuesday! Join me again next week for some more chinwagging…

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Post by Kate Hill from Circus London Pr.
Photographs courtesy of Tallia Storm
Video courtesy of Tallia Storm (originally produced for Huff Post Teen in January 2013)

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