A Girl, A Boy – Siblings A Guest Post By Freja Troelsen

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Freelance photographer Freja Troelsen lives in Copenhagen with her boyfriend Jonas and their two littles, Frigg and Fridtjof. 

Whilst on maternity leave with Fridtjof, Freja has just started to work on a photo project that is very dear to her and part of her creative journey, called ‘Women and their children‘. 

Freja Troelsen Guest Post post Devon's Drawer by Freja Troelsen #juniorstyle #kidsfashionblogger #fashionblog #guestpost #frejatroelsen #devonsdrawer #kidswear #classicalkidswear #traditionalkidswear #aw17 #fallstyles

I don’t really know what I was thinking. I just thought it would come all naturally. It did, though not immediately and this really took me by surprise.

From the very beginning Frigg was really interested in my pregnant stomach and every night she sang to her little brother, “Little brother, little brother, come out to me, little brother, little brother, come out and play”. It was so moving and I was on the verge of crying every single time. Frigg had just turned two so, of course, it was not easy to relate to the fact that the little brother in my belly, would eventually actually come out and be with us someday. And then one day he did. The birth started the same second I kissed her goodnight one evening, and when she woke up the next morning – well, there he was, sleeping in a basket in our living room.

I will never forget the light in her eyes the first time she saw him. It was love at first sight, it really was. However, once the first “crush” had settled, the mixed feelings came and questions too. Who was that boy, and why was he stealing her mama?

Freja Troelsen Guest Post post Devon's Drawer by Freja Troelsen #juniorstyle #kidsfashionblogger #fashionblog #guestpost #frejatroelsen #devonsdrawer #kidswear #classicalkidswear #traditionalkidswear #aw17 #fallstyles

The first months, Frigg started crying every time I sat down to breastfeed Fridtjof, shouting her heart out about how I was only her mother and little brother should move back and stay in my belly again. It really made me sad that it was so hard for her and it left me feeling a little guilty – toward the both of them.

However, I don’t feel guilty anymore. Though both siblings still find it hard to share their mother, I can see what we have given them. They have each other, even though they are both still so very little, the heartfelt look they give each through the pots and the milk cartons while playing peek-a-boo at the dinner table every evening, I mean, even if I really try I wouldn’t be able to describe it with any other words than ‘the pure joy of being siblings’.

Frigg misses Fridtjof when she is in kindergarten.  Every day she is making big plans for adventures they will go on together when he grows up a little more. He loves her and even though he can be a bit of a grumpy head at times he gladly plays the very patient when she is playing doctor, and boy, no one makes him laugh like she does. They are going to share their life with each other, and I bet, one day, they will learn to share their mother too.


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