Pop Art Princesses


When we saw these incredible Pop Art inspired images for Mocha Kid magazine on CreativeSoul Photography’s Instagram, we just HAD to share them. The strong graphic photo editing style is perfectly matched by the bold hair and make up—but it’s the spunk of the models’ personalities shining through that really makes us smile. This stand-out shoot with its bold and quirky colours truly showcases the models’ effervescent personalities and sense of fashion.


Photographer Kahran Bethencourt explains, ‘For the shoot, our talented hair/makeup stylist Maraz decided to paint the girls’ hair to mimic comic book/pop art style hair. She also did one look where she painted pink and blue eyes on the girls’ eye lids while closed. The girls did an amazing job trying to pose with their eyes closed!’








Amazing, indeed!

All images are published here courtesy of CreativeSoul Photography and originally appeared in Mocha Kid Magazine. 


Photography: Creative Soul

Models: Kamryn and Saniya

Hair and Make-up: Maraz

Clothing: Replay and Sons tops, silver skirt Molo, tights and leather jacket Zara.


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