This Easter, offer something other than Chocolate!

blog af chabadabada introI love Easter celebrations because not only was I born on Easter day but also because it’s the first blooms of spring, the warmer weather and longer days. I must admit I love Chocolate and enjoy the chocolate eggs hunts too. However, if I want to avoid the risk for indigestion and the guilt when I look at me in the mirror, it’s wiser to look at alternative gift idea. Furthermore, I don’t want to manage  “Hyper” children because of the excess of sugar. So I am really glad to have found other great gift ideas for Easter: The collection of Space Bunnies from Cha Bada Bada.

Cha Bada Bada is an ethical children’s accessory brand that cares not only about the comfort and the fun of young children but also about how the products that your kids will be using are made.

These accessories are all Made in France with organic often certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) which guarantees that the whole supply chain from field to final product meets rigorous environmental and social standards. The filling is Oeko-Tex and the ink natural, which means  that products are free of harmful  substances and therefore safe  for human.

The magic with Chabadabada brand is that “organic” doesn’t mean dull. Discover the colourful and creative range of Space Rabbits.

At home or out & about, each Chabadabada product is thought for the children and their parents to bring fun and stay practical.

The space rabbits collection is constituted of 4 characters with each their own personality.

Alex is the fearless explorer, Lulu is the eternal dreamer, Prisci is the crazy dancer and Cilou… the nature lover!

blog af chabadabada spacerabbits cushions
The cushions with long ears are a perfect combination between the cushion and the comfort blanket.

blog af chabadabada cushionswithears1

The Space Rabbit is the perfect companion to help to feel relaxed and fall asleep.

blog af chabadabada cushionswithears

 These series of comfort blankets are also ideal to feel less anxious when Mummy is not here.

blog af chabadabada comforters

 The space bunnies are also on the soft play mats. The different textures, colours and the crinkle paper
in their long ears will help foster their sensory development.


 The stylish changing mat is perfect for babies on the Go.  There are no Rabbits on it but the patterns associated with each Bunny character.


Are you now convinced that you could find a better gift other than Chocolate for Easter?

The Space Rabbits collection is on TendreDeal Boutique this week only!

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