Chit Chat Tuesday: Meegan and Jayna from Jacques+Sienna

Chit Chat Tuesday - Jacques+Sienna

Good morning Chit Chat Tuesday readers! I hope that you are all in the festive mood and ready for Christmas!! I can’t believe that it is only one week away now! Where has this year gone?

I still haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping yet and the crowds on Oxford St are not going to get any smaller! I am thinking that I am going to have to bite my bullet and brave them otherwise I am never going to get it done!

I hope that you are all a lot more organized than me! Anyways enough about me and how unorganized I have been this year! Joining me today is Meegan and Jayna who are the brand owners of childrens jewellery brand Jacques+Sienna! We have recently taken this brand on at Circus London PR and I absolutely love it! The brand may be targeting children but the items are so gorgeous that Circus Gabrielle and I can’t help but wear some of the pieces!!

Meegan and Jayna thank you so much for joining me today on Chit Chat Tuesday! Let’s start off by you both telling us a bit about yourselves…

How did it come about you both working together?

Jayna and I have both had a lifetime career in the Womens fashion arena, in fashion buying, design, marketing, retail and visual merchandising, in large multinational retailers both in New Zealand and the UK. We met by chance through mutual friends and clicked instantly firstly as friends and knew that in sharing a similar career path, that collaboratively we would be a dynamic duo.

We both share the same visions for our brand and also the same personal style. As we design each piece individually this has made the process a lot easier and fun when you have the same direction.

The other big bonus is that we discovered that we make great travelling partners. Our design process takes us on many intrepid journeys around the world finding inspiration for Jacques+Sienna. As much as it is our work, there is always time to squeeze in a cocktail or two!

Where does the name Jacques+Sienna come from?

That’s an easy one… Jacques is the name of my little boy who is 2 years old and Sienna is the name of Jayna’s daughter who is 3.

Chit Chat Tuesday Jacques+Sienna jewellery

And what made you decide to go in to childrens fashion? Did you always know you wanted to be involved in fashion?

Jayna and I have always been involved in fashion and its remains our core passion to this day. We found the transition from Womens Fashion into Children’s jewellery to be a seamless process. We wanted to create a brand for Children that was on trend, high fashion, fresh, fun and contemporary which we felt was missing in the market.

When we initially researched our market, we discovered that a lot of children’s jewellery in the market contained lead and other toxic materials which are harmful to children which unfortunately many people are unaware of. We are very passionate about what Jacques+Sienna product is made from so we are involved from start to finish in the whole manufacturing process. We use non-toxic paint and all our products are all lead and nickel free.

So you’ve just launched in Selfridges! That’s amazing to be such a young company and to have already achieved that…

Yes we are very proud to be represented in such fantastic iconic department stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. It is also so exciting to see Jacques+Sienna gaining momentum as a brand in the international market so quickly. Even though these are major accomplishments we feel that our journey has just begun so watch out for Jacques + Sienna in 2014 as we have even more exciting things in the pipeline!

What’s the best advice someone has given you?

Keep your brand vision Crystal Clear and stay true to it. Most importantly make sure you always have fun and enjoy what you do as this will always shine through in your designs and brand!

Would you ever consider any collaborations?

Definitely. We have already been approached by several brands to collaborate, however we are still waiting for just the right fit and opportunity.

What makes your brand different?

Our brand is all about giving children positive and inspirational messages. Each Jacques + Sienna piece of jewellery has a positive message to suit every little personality.

We are also known for our simplicity of design and our love of using unique and vivid colour pallettes in our collections.

What have we got to look forward to for 2014?

You will see Jacques+Sienna shift up a gear this year as we take our brand to another level. Jayna and I have been furiously designing and strategizing for 2014. We love to continuously surprise our loyal and new brand followers so always expect the unexpected from Jacques+Sienna!

Thank you so much for joining Meegan, Jayne and myself on Chit Chat Tuesday! Join me next week for another session of chinwagging <3 Kate

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Post by Kate Hill from Circus London Pr.
Photographs courtesy of Meegan and Jayne from Jacques+Sienna

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