Dancing Mists with Little Wardrobe London

Growing Oak Little Wardrobe Dancing Mists

Natasha Bridges blogs about life and adventures with her son Oak at Growing Oak documenting magical moments of Oak growing up in the stunning Shropshire countryside which is just near the English-Welsh border in the UK. Natasha has a passion for photography and sustainable children’s fashion which is paramount in her blogs. You can follow Natasha and Oak on Instagram @growing.oak

Oak wanted to take his adorable friend Fenella out on a whimsical fairytale adventure quintessential for a princess. The majestic Powis castle terrace gardens with its elegance and charm surrounded by white ethereal Spring mist gave the illusion they had stepped through a wardrobe right into a magical storybook full of fantasies and dreams. Exactly the kind of place perfect for Little Wardrobe London luxurious outfits. After all, founder and designer Ayesha Mirza vision and idea for her bespoke timeless brand came from her favourite and much-cherished childhood story ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by CS Lewis.

Growing Oak Little Wardrobe Dancing Mists

Growing Oak Little Wardrobe Dancing Mists

Little Wardrobe London, based in London is an independent and conscious luxuriousness brand with a passion to create a clothing line to celebrate Britain’s heritage, eccentricity and individuality. Every garment is hand stitched and made proudly in Britain, fabrics are thoughtfully chosen to feel comfortable as well as look glamorous to the eye.

Their breathless collection can create the most magical make-believe worlds, they are even adorned with their signature silver key which symbolizes access to opening the door to another world of dreams.

Time stands still has Oak and Fenella dance in the charismatic mists together, their world is filled with fairytale flamboyance. Embellished in their alluring garments which capture and ignite their wild imaginations they waltz in unison like enchanting free spirits. Fenella looking at ease in the comfort of her classical Pique jacket with a Peter Pan Collar and 3 statement buttons matched with the Pique Skirt giving her maximum twirlabilty with sophisticated grace.

Oak is transformed charmingly into a little noble gent wearing his luxurious Herringbone blazer and waistcoat lovingly crafted from a lavish mix of silk and linen in ivory teamed with a Penny Collar Candy Stripe Shirt in butterscotch and a pair of iconic jodhpur silhouettes to complete his grandeur look. So classical and timeless are these adorning pieces, they can be worn with practically anything.

They continue to perform theatrically in their ethereal misty dance, in all its grandeur playfulness, the air filled with nothing but childhood giggles echoing around the castle grounds.

Fenella dressed flawlessly in her Herringbone grey dress which is beautifully cut with a refined appeal, yet understated elegance signature look. A pretty white pintuck cotton blouse is worn underneath to complete the look of a truly British little lady. Oak wearing his rich tailored Herringbone blazer and dashing trousers to match, lovingly tailored for a sharp look and edge, the attention to detail is honestly sublime.

If you want your little ones to enter a world of fairytales with opulence charm and glamour then go visit Little Wardrobe London where you will be left feeling spellbound like we did.

You can follow Natasha and Oak @growing.oak


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Dancing Mists Clothing credits:

Fenella’s Cream Pique Jacket and Skirt – Little Wardrobe London

Oak’s Ivory Herringbone Blazer, Ivory Herringbone Double Breasted Waistcoat, Sand Jodhpur Trouser and White Penny Stripe Collar Shirt in butterscotch – Little Wardrobe London

Fenella’s Jackdaw Boots – Chapter 2

Oak’s Burnished Tan Brando Brogues – Young Soles London

Fenella’s Grey Herringbone Dress and White Pin Tuck Cotton Blouse – Little Wardrobe London

Oak’s Grey Herringbone Blazer, Grey Slim Cut Herringbone Trouser and White Penny Collar Shirt – Little Wardrobe London

Oak’s Desert Boots – Pèpè

Oak’s & Fenella’s Badger Mask, Top Hat, Feather Headdresses and Collar’s accessories – AtelierSpatz



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