Model Feature: Funny Faces

Funny Face Friday features models selected from our recent model search and brings some cheer and fun to round off the week.

Please note the Junior Style Model Search Projects are fun features where, on the whole, parents have taken the images of their child as we wanted to create some fun projects which our followers could be part of and have fun with their parents creating the image for their feature.


Scroll down to view our Fun Followers Funny Faces…..

Name: Jérémy Poitras
Age: 5 years old
Agency: Agence Carrousel
Instagram: @jay_poitras_model 
Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Photographer: Natalie Sartisson
What makes you smile? Take a ridiculous voice, Farts, Grimaces, Tickles.

Name: Zara Wisniewska
Age: 10 years old
Agency: Tiny Angels Agency
Instagram: @zara_wis_official
Location: South Shields, UK
Photographer: Parent – Joanna Wisniewska
What makes you smile? “It’s my older brother Xaw. He’s very good at accents and he makes me smile especially when he does particular accents”.

Model Feature: Funny Face FridayName: Albie Evans
Age: 5 years old
Agency: South Coast Kidz
Instagram: @evo_albie_model
Location: Staffordshire, UK
Photographer: Mom – Rebecca Evans (not professional lol)
What makes you smile Albie….? Playing football for my team, scoring goals and trying to get a player of the week certificate. Going to theme parks and going on the rides. Reading bedtime stories with Mom & Dad, oh and pizza!

Funny Faces Friday Model FeatureName: Mia Fuentes
Age: 6 years old
Agency: N/A
Instagram: @miafuentes18_
Location: Brampton On
Photographer: N/A
What makes you smile? My daddy makes me smile.

Name: Sahib Singh
Age: 3 years old
Instagram: @I_am_sahib_singh
Location: London
Agency: Rebel Nineteen
What makes you smile? “Balloons, because they are fun to play with and can go high into the sky”

Name: Joseph Horsfield
Age: 6 years old
Agency: Bruce and Brown
Instagram: @joseyremy
Location: London
Photographer: Mum (Sarah Horsfield) not a professional photographer
What makes me smile? The Spice Girls. Alesha Dixon, platypuses and my new puppy.

Name: Zachary Ryan Bailey
Age: 5 years old
Agency: Talent4kidz
Instagram: @zachary.rbailey 
Location: Leicester, England
What makes me smile? Ice cream, toys, when he sees that Daddy is home from work and when Mummy cooks his favourite food.

Name: Eileen Freya Kim
Age: 7 years old
Agency: Docherty Agency
Instagram: @eileenfreyakim 
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Photographer: Parent – Katey Barnard Kim @kateypantsss
What makes you smile? Hamilton my Hamster. Shaved ice and my friends.

Model Feature: Funny Face FridayName: Alessandro Junior Farina
Age: 4 years old
Agency: Babyfashion
Instagram: @alej.unior 
Location: Napoli, Italy
Photographer: Parent

Name: Markus Reinsalu
Age: 10 years old
Location: Riga / Latvia
Instagram: @markus_reinsalu
Agency: Wundercasting Agency
Photographer: Wundercasting Agency.


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